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  1. joeM62

    M900 axles under the M800 chassis

    I tried to do a search on this and couldn't find anything on the matter. I like the looks of the M800 and the airbrakes of the M900, what I am asking is instead of putting the airbrake converison on the m800 and spending a chunk of money. I found M900 axles that are cheap but wonder if the axles...
  2. joeM62

    Ga dot

    Well last week a coworker was in one of the flatbeds to get a load before he could he got pulled over by the DOT, officer looked over the truck and check the papers out and said they didn't meet dot inspection he got a ticket was told that all of the trucks had to go through a certain DOT shop...
  3. joeM62

    # of M62's

    Well I tried to do a search to see if anyone has ask this subject and couldn't find it. So along with all the M62's starting to show up, how many of them rolled of the assemble line gasser, mack, multifuel?
  4. joeM62

    lost and found 818

    i just got home and my told me to look next to my uncle's driveway and it was 818 just sitting there and nobody around to claim. i went over there to look it over but not get in it, i looked it had a electric wiper kit in it. if it sets to long there might have to adopt it. hey Andy did you lose...
  5. joeM62

    knuckle boom for a Deuce

    I had seen two duces on here that had them, but wonder if any knuckle booms would fit behind the cab of a duce, I know i would have to slide the bed back or shorten the bed. I've price some booms at some good prices. Would anybody have any ideas or suggestions on this? :?: :?:
  6. joeM62

    30 to 35 duces

    A place has popped up selling a big amount of duces in the GA area. A local junkyard is supposed to get them. But I've been told he is going to sell parts or whole trucks. But these trucks are coming from a base would anybody here heard of a private mv owner with that amount of duces. :idea:
  7. joeM62

    old yella M62 wrecker

    There were 5 guys wanting old yella, one back out from Rockmart, two from Bama, sorry amg but i had to get her out of the yard offroad came by and got her.
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