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  1. islandguydon

    Clarkston Solar project.

    To keep this MV related just 1 of these panels will keep any 24v battery bank fully charged with a diversion load going to the engine block as a heater. This process starts at 26.5vdc. I have been involved in this solar project for a client with more money than ("BB") Netanyahu. There are 4224...
  2. islandguydon

    M35A3 Looking for the TM

    I was in the recourses tab trying to find a posted TM for the M35A3 and there are none to be found. This is whats listed: M35, M35A1, M35A2, M35A2C, M109A3, Could someone with a PDF Technical manual please post it...! Thanks in advance..![thumbzup][thumbzup] Don The Deuce TMs M35...
  3. islandguydon

    Center axle seals leaking.

    Who has the hookup for replacement axle seals for an A3..?
  4. islandguydon

    Diesel pump transfer unit specs..?

    I have already searched the TM's and searched HI & lo for the Tm for operating this pump unit. Can a guy get a little help please..? EDIT: I found the TM for this Fuel Pump Station. THe TM is: TM 10 4930-236-13&P This is found half way down the PDF attached.
  5. islandguydon

    A3 TM Oil capacity...? Says 19 quarts..?

    A3 TM Oil capacity says its 19 quarts including 1 quart for the filter. I just did my first oil change and to top off the Cat 3116 dipstick, the A3 took 22 quarts. I am confused as to the difference between the TM and the actual engine it's self. I went with the dipstick reading of 22. When I...
  6. islandguydon

    Any ideas on a CTIS wheel balancer...

    Any ideas on a CTIS wheel balancer... I thought some where there was a thread on a A3 wheel balancer. Since the A3 has CTIS the wheel is not balanced. 1/3rd of the wheel has the heavy metal cover plate. This just seems wrong. Is there such an animal made to balance out the blank spot...........?
  7. islandguydon

    Recovery near Grand Rapids went sour, need front tire.

    I just talked to Heath and he is at mile marker 105 south bound 131 with a blown front tire. Is there anyone near him that can help. I would but I am now back on the other side of the State.......
  8. islandguydon

    armored dome light install pics, PLEASE

    I was looking for some alternatives to installing this dome light in a hard top Deuce without spacers and drilling the top. Any pictures posted would be appreciated...!
  9. islandguydon

    Sent PM not showing up in the Sent mail box.

    I have sent a few PM's and when I go to the sent mail drop down it does not show as even being sent. What would cause this to happen. I sent recovery4x4 2 separate pm's and as far as I can tell they disapeared...?
  10. islandguydon

    Tow bar mounts, How did you mount yours..?

    I have two sets of tow bars, I am looking to mount each set to a different truck. 1- exterior mount for a 1028, I was thinking the top of the grill guard. The second one is a Deuce I am looking for different choices and pictures of how yall mounted yours to get a different perspective. Any...
  11. islandguydon

    Diesel Fuel Dispersent. FPPF Fuel Power.

    The only time in my life I even heard of a fuel water dispersant was the BP oil spill. So this product is new to me. I like to try new things and so far I am pleased with this one. I know there are many fuel additives out there and my rule of thumb is not to put anything in the tank other than...
  12. islandguydon

    “American Made Parade” July 4th 2012

    INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE 2012, Wednesday, July 4th Post pictures of your town parade, BIG or small we love them all.:driver: I am involved in 2 separate parades Detroit & our local town parade. Will post pictures when they are available.
  13. islandguydon

    New hidden links popping up.

    New hidden links popping up. I found this on almost every page starting last night. I checked Norton 360 and there was no tracking cookies or no problem on my end. Here is a picture from the classifieds. The links in RED are double underlined. They all 3, go to a different place on the web. I...
  14. islandguydon

    This "Trike" owned by a Vet

    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. 1. Jesus Christ 2. The American G.I. "One died for your soul, the other for your freedom!" You might want to pass this on, As many seem to forget both of them! This "Trike" owned by a Vet, on display at a car show, check the power...
  15. islandguydon

    Military tent vestibule installation / set up.

    I acquired a NOS vestibule for a command tent. I searched HI/low for the basic set up instructions/TM and am still coming up empty handed. Does anyone have the Intel to share..?
  16. islandguydon

    Understanding power inverters.

    I had some time waiting for a FedX shipment and I noticed a few threads with questions about inverters and converters so I thought I would put the information out there. I first started using them for the band to play remotely in the woods, beach or a makeshift stage. Then on vehicles then on my...
  17. islandguydon

    M274-a2 mule (modified to center seat)

    This is a different kinda 1965 mule. I found this mule this past week. Its 100% mule just a few modifications for the center seat and roll bar. I feel its a one of a kind BOV. I figured on installing a front and rear hitch for moving stuff around the lz. It came with a tow bar and a good winch...
  18. islandguydon

    AMMO CAN BASE, Replaced Front springer seats, Installed HEMTT buckets.

    Replaced Front springer seats, Installed HEMTT buckets on a custom base. I found myself up with the birds today and decided to install the Cab reinforcement plate and the long put off bucket seat project. I don't know if this has ever been done before but I came up with an excellent base to...
  19. islandguydon

    Cab Reinforcement Plate Installation M109/ M35s

    Cab Reinforcement Plate Installation M109/M35s I got an early start on my day and found myself removing the 2 front seats around 9:00am. I picked up this reinforcement plate from MKcoen, in the SS classifieds. The unit came packaged with 96 industrial rivets, 6 nut and bolts sets and a few...
  20. islandguydon

    Quick solargizer question..?

    I installed a solargizer this week on a 109. When in the full sunlight the small red led light on the charge controller is not on. Is this normal, whats the purpose of the red led anyway..?
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