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  1. swiss

    GA-Ronald Harris Memorial Gathering 3/16/19 Lula Georgia 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    GA-73M819 Ronald Harris Memorial Gathering 3/16/19 Lula Georgia 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Lucille Harris and myself will be hosting a memorial gathering in memory of Ronald Harris. We would like to extend an invitation to all his extended SS family to join us on Saturday March 16th at 11:00 am - 3:00...
  2. swiss

    Led light problem: low beam fades out

    So Gimp and I are playing with new led install for headlights. We have a problem we have never seen. The high beams work. When switching to low the low beams fade out and go off. One fades out first then the other. We have 24 volts at the light the whole time. We grounded by hand also any...
  3. swiss

    LME maintenance tent erection

    Finally got all the pad area prepared to erect my LME tent. When I had the scrapper in building a pond I had them haul a bunch of loads into the area to create a flat zone. Add 36 ton of #4 and agg base and you have a nice maintenance and parking area. The tent is a 12 man operation for...
  4. swiss

    PS: M1101 Bouncing All Over and Cooking Thread

    I hate that the M1102 bouncy thread closed :( My 1101 bounces all over and I have ran at 10 lbs to 50lbs trying to get the problem solved. I have talked to other owners who said they never experienced the problem. I did like the potential out of round suggestion but would be curious how many...
  5. swiss

    Official 2014 SS Georgia Rally Multimedia SSGR14 thread

    Things are rocking early. Day 2 of the rally is getting busy. We had a good show so far. I bought all the good stuff so far so I hope others are bringing new stuff :) Attendees as of Sunday afternoon: Ron John and Jane Phil (And Parents) Drew (And Crew) Emilie Steveooo Clint Dawn Chris...
  6. swiss

    New restoration project M100 "Tubby" 9.6.14

    I got one of those great texts from a friend who said one of his friends has a military trailer for sale. "Are you interested?" The answer was h.ll yes :) So I found 1951 M100 that had been in the Foresty dept until the last 2 years. Warp commander has under his control and awaiting action...
  7. swiss

    M925 "Bobbitt" Project 09.07.14

    New project started on Sunday, "Bobbitt" This is a 925 truck that will be changed out with a 105 bed. 73M819 "The Mechanic" is working on this project Sunday 09.07 Activities Pickup necessary parts: -925 Main Truck -105 Trailer -Springs -Super Single Spare Tire mount -Load 105 in 925...
  8. swiss

    How to make CUCV wheel chock for your 5 Ton

    Many of us loose our wheel chocks and and easy fix is to create a tether so they don't get lost. These are easy steps 1. Purchase 1" manilla rope from 3DAngus 2. Cut 12' lengths plus 3' extra for splicing on each end 3. Splice in loops approximately 8" in diameter 4. Install on pintle hitch...
  9. swiss

    Georgia Title Law Changes: Need assistance from GA and other States Members

    As many of you may be aware, the fine state of Georgia will not legally title the 900 series trucks or any military truck that is younger than 1986. I have been working behind the scene with different contacts within the Georgia Government to get legislation in place that would change the...
  10. swiss

    Official 2013 Georgia Rally Buy/Sell/Trade/Giveaway Thread

    Welcome everyone to the 2013 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally Buy/Sell/Trade thread. The purpose of this tread is to allow attendees to discuss what items people want to Buy, Sell or trade with others. This is a great way that the Steel Soldiers community helps each other out. We are now 70 days...
  11. swiss

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Georgia Area: Partial 15% of M1009 Fiberglass Top

    Looking for a ride for a partial M1009 CUCV fiberglass top. The top has been cut and only the front 15% remains so it is only about "24" deep and should weigh approximately 50lbs. It still is the full width. The picture below represents what it would look like. Would fit in the back of a...
  12. swiss

    Daily Updates

    Wow we can now blog! Nice Upgrade. Reviewing a new item on GL the last few days, should I or should I not that is always the question? Had to order a new wedge and socket today for the rear winch cable on the M62 after the winch kicked in gear at the Rally and tore out the cable end...
  13. swiss

    Participated in a little Parade Today

    Me and 73M819 had fun this morning in the back to school parade at school. We took the 9th grade class on the M62 pulling the M1101 and the M1009 pulling the M101A2. The kids loved it and were throwing candy out to the middle and lower school kids. You have to watch Ron when he is out...
  14. swiss

    Looking for 6602 Tach Part Number: Please look at your Tach

    For those of you with a 6602 can somebody look at your Tachometer and get me the part numbers from the front of the tach please. Correct NSN Part Number from TM The correct NSN number for the 6602 is 6680-00-620-2325, Current NSN Part Number I have the following part number installed in the...
  15. swiss

    Steering Hydraulic Leak

    Trying to track down a leak on my Hydraulic steering assembly. The leak is from the front of the hydraulic control value as shown in the exploded attached TM view. Looking at my components I am missing J & L which are 2 O rings but they are not really key O ring elements in the whole design of...
  16. swiss

    5Ton Rear Axle Seal Wear Ring

    After taking apart my rear axles and ordering a new rear seal I was informed that the axle spindle is supposed to have a wear ring that the rear seal rides on. Non of my axles had a wear ring. Has anybody seen a wear ring on their axles? No I have not been into the TM yet to look this up...
  17. swiss


    Can not post new threads today, can reply to existing I am having posting problems on a new thread this is a test from another machine
  18. swiss

    Rapco Spray cans on Engine

    Will the Rapco 383 paints rattle cans hold up to the engine heat on the valve covers and other engine parts EXCLUDING MANIFOLDS. Search returned that others have used enamal OD green non heat on engine parts with good luck. I have some Rapco and wanted to paint some items while I have them...
  19. swiss

    Holley 885JJ Rebuild Project Progress

    I got the M62 home to Georgia 2 weeks ago and have been working on trying to get her running. The story is that this engine has had serious engine problems as far back as anyone on ss can remember. Last Friday me and 73M set out to see if we could get the motor to fire. We actually had it...
  20. swiss

    M105 Worked Great Today

    I finally got a chance to hook up the M105 to the tractor and get some work out of her. We hauled about 2.5 cords of wood way out from the back of the forest to the firepit. This is what a M105 was made for, drag it through the woods and dont worry about any damage. I did not get good...
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