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    Loader piping fittings JIC with tapered threads?

    One of the fittings on my loader snapped today under load. Its on one of of the boom cylinders that lifts the entire loader up. It was under heavy load, and looks like a fatigue failure. I have kept this system stock and have not removed the "hidden" pressure reducing valve on this system so...
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    Lets talk Air Dryers for SEE

    One of the design features of the SEE that can be blessing and curse is the use of air assist for all sorts of systems. Brakes, 4WD, Diff Locks, Air Splitter, remote throttle and probably one of two I missed. Add in low pressure air pressurization of the brakes and axles and there is a lot of...
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    SEE Exhaust Pipe - Any one have source?

    I am looking for a source for a SEE exhaust pipe. Its the one after the muffler that heads up to the spark arrester. Its part number 410-492-71-04 (NSN 2990-01-242-3009). As usual the NSN pops up on various NSN sites but my experience is they are a dead end. I have dropped a note to Expedition...
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    Looking for a speedometer gearbox from a trashed transmission

    My 1300L is in need of the small adapter gearbox that goes on the end of the speedometer cable where it attaches to the transmission. Its a small rectangular box that has two outputs ,one capped and one connected to a speedo cable with one input from the transmission. Its used to adjust the...
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    FLU 419 Model Variations

    While viewing another forum I saw an interesting cut and paste from the Mercedes Unimog Archive listing US military Unimog Variants and production runs. All the old PR I have seen listed or showed three variants, The SEE (loader excavator), The HMMH ( all terrain forklift and hydraulic crane)...
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    Changing SEE Tires

    Rather than add to the "infinite" SEE thread I thought I would post a new thread on changing SEE tires. It also applies to my 1300L tires as is also is a Steel Soldier as its former German Ambulance. Both have the same tire size and rims but my 1300L has Conti MPT MIL military tires which have a...
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    Cold Weather Starting Tricks ?

    My SEE is currently buried under a pile of early season snow and it usually sits there all winter until spring. Normally it starts instantly but in cold conditions or in the spring it really does not like to. One of the casualties of the mouse repairs was the ether can on the firewall no longer...
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    SEE - Cold weather hydralic issues

    I have seen comments on another forum regarding the hydraulics for SEEs being almost useless in extreme cold weather as the poster's SEEs came from down south and the fluid was too thick. Extreme cold weather in this case was in the -10 to -30 F range. I have seen the Technical Service hints...
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    Lifting the SEE spare in place

    I swapped out one of my tires for a much better spare. Getting the spare off was fairly easy as I had already greased up the holding screw previously (FYI unless you have greased it, its most likely rusted in place from years of sitting and a PITA to unscrew). Getting the tire back was more of a...
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    Throttle bushing retaining pin

    While driving my SEE from one location to another awhile ago, I noticed I had lost a few hundred RPM. The pedal would go all the way to the floor and I got 2000 RPM at best. Reading through the manual it looked like I needed to shorten up the throttle linkage on the injector side of the engine...
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    SEE - Retracting tyhe Boom

    SEE - Retracting the Boom I had my SEE out last weekend for a work day which was digging in the bony rock filled soil of NH with some rotten ledge to scratch at with the ripper bucket. It preformed admirably but I have come to some conclusions on getting the boom locked at the end of the day...
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    So what are you using for a Lubricity Additive on your diesel Unimogs?

    Since the OM352 (and 366s) hit the street, diesel fuel has changed, it previously had sulfur that acted as a lubricant in the injection pumps. In order to clean up the air, recent diesel is ultra low sulfur meaning injection pumps are having a rough time. Some folks are adding a bit of two...
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    SEE FYI - Front portal axles lubrication issues

    FYI, While roaming other Unimog websites a known crops up about the front portal axles losing fluid. Its reportedly an issue with Military Mogs of the 406 vintage and going on into the later SBUs, including the SEE. There is a possibility that the front portal boxes will slowly pump their fluid...
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    US Unimog inventory

    The person I bought my 1300L has been out and about for awhile (and still on the road) I caught him in between trips to buy mine and while I was there I was impressed with his inventory but held off posting any pictures. His website was down for a bit due to technical issues but a new version is...
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    FLU 419 SEE wiring diagram will hopefully be loaded in Misc Technical Manual Forum

    SEE wiring Diagram Now that General Hood is out of diagrams there will be demand for the electrical diagram. As noted, it does not cover the diagnostic harness or the electrical systems associated with the...
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    Unimog FLU 419 SEE - Wiring Diagram

    Thanks to a Unimog Forum member, General Hood, who located a stash of previously unobtainable wiring diagrams, another forum member had one scanned and made available to all. Notes, The military diagnostic harness is not shown and to date no one has found any details on the harness. The...
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    Did you oil you differential lock cylinders on your SEE?

    I have mentioned this before but found an official Mercedes reference from a 1300 owners manual. "Once a year spray 1 CC of anti corrosion oil into the pipe connection on axle drive housing of front and rear axles". Along with the quote there is photo showing the drain plug on the axle used to...
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    SEE tires - running fronts backwards for road use

    While researching for a new addition to the fleet I noticed in the Unimog 1300 operating manual that they recommend that if the unit is used predominately on road that the front tires be swapped so that the tread pattern is reverse of the rear wheels to "provide smoother running while...
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    SEE Cylinder Rebuild Kits Source.

    FYI sells seal kits for SEE Case M35 cylinders. He sells individual kits for each cylinder but also has a complete kit for the all the cylinders. I bought the set. It will be awhile before I get to try them out but I have at least one cylinder with a "diaper" (oil...
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    SEE Grease Points

    I have been spending some time locating all the grease points. There is reminder in the PS articles about the two grease points that tend to be forgotten under the center of the truck. They put grease to the sealed front ad rear prop shaft joints. One is fairly obvious but the other one took...
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