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  1. islandguydon

    Moving TV with MV

    I call that "working smarter not harder"
  2. islandguydon

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Installed a chain for locking the steering wheel in the M-109.
  3. islandguydon


    Hey Dive man, go down to Auto Zone and pick up a small squeeze tube of Gorilla Glue. I have used this stuff on many applications and have been happy with the long term results. Peace Out..!
  4. islandguydon

    DUKW Causes Heart Attack!!

    PB, Sounds like a Nut
  5. islandguydon

    M35A3 CTIS: Connected or disconnected?

    Disconnected and mostly removed.
  6. islandguydon

    Clarkston Solar project.

    Our local utility is paying the rate of 22 cents a kwh. This is a federal government subsidy and the State of Michigan as well to reach that amount.
  7. islandguydon

    How can we help Sandy victims?

    How can we help SANDY victoms..? I would say to go to the local FD or Police dept and offer your truck for temporary service to help any way you can.
  8. islandguydon

    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    The OP stated today Oct 29th his case was heard in Court, I was thinking about it most of the day and am chomping at the bit to find out the outcome.
  9. islandguydon

    Oddballs Ultimate Bug Out Rig

    Chris, looks like you have been busy. Good luck..!
  10. islandguydon

    operating a mep-003 in the rain

    You will have no issues running the unit in the rain, snow or hail. The weight on the skids keeps the unit in place so the wind is not a factor. Good luck and don't forget a little extra fuel is always a progressive move. Check the oil..
  11. islandguydon

    This Might be a Military Snowcat...

    Congrats on a great score..!
  12. islandguydon

    Fuel Additives for Winter

    mcmullag, has it going on. The Diesel Kleen is amazing stuff and especially good for higher elevations....!:driver:
  13. islandguydon

    ATF in M35A3 CAT 3116

    73M819, I agree with your findings. No sand in your shoes..! EDIT: ATF does keep your injectors clean from my experience.
  14. islandguydon

    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    Did anyone ever consult Mr.Webster...? I had good luck with him. In my work we gate private community's. Some, mostly all city's have an ordinance for fence but never an automatic access controlled gate. The precedence was set in Circuit Court a few years ago and the Judge refereed to Mr...
  15. islandguydon

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Can you post a picture of the switch and its location..?
  16. islandguydon

    ATF in M35A3 CAT 3116

    I was talking to AcCages about this yesterday, I am told only a mix of 5 gallons of ATF in a 50 gallon tank is all the FDC can handle. I pumped 10 gallons of ATF in my A3 a few weeks ago and did not notice any difference at all. The CAT 3116 started right up and ran around town w/o any issues...
  17. islandguydon

    Oddballs Ultimate Bug Out Rig

    Chris got it going on. How you doing dude....? Is that the same Deuce you had in your yard last year..? I did not recognize it, maybe its the tan top..? I call your set up the ultimate BOV combo pack. :driver:
  18. islandguydon

    Thanks to Islandguydon

    Wow, I don't know what to say. Thank you gentlemen for all your support. I met jeeplvr247 today to pick up some oil, "ken" is a very smart young man and someday will be going places in life. I got to meet his family and friends. Good people....! Ken and Zout need to hook up cause Ken has the...
  19. islandguydon

    Thanks to Islandguydon

  20. islandguydon

    Successful Deuce Recovery

    I agree with MidnightDuramax. The fab work is excellent. I like your WMO filtration set up...[thumbzup][thumbzup] Subscribed...!
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