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  1. SCSG-G4

    Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust

    Clay, short answer = NO. Longer answer = They don't even realize the food they eat has to come from farms somewhere (IE, farmers pollute the land with chemicals and I buy all my food from the grocery store anyway - who needs farmers.) WM was right, there is no cure for stupid!
  2. SCSG-G4

    Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust

    At least the members of this forum can read and think (or the ones who have replied can), and That is what I was aiming for by posting the link to the article. Know the facts, complain to the news organizations and the politicians when ever they parrot the study. It's the only way to derail...
  3. SCSG-G4

    Medical "Study" on diesel exhaust

    Just saw this on CNN. It's a source of the Kalifonya Krazies ideas: WHO: Diesel exhaust can cause cancer - Mayhaps coming to a legislative body (or EPA) near you! Forewarned is forearmed!
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