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    AWD and Slip

    The ABS system is capable of modulating brake application, and when manufacturers implemented "traction control" it was basically just a software upgrade to the ABS systems. Which is why they did it.... it's not great or even good.... it's mostly a marketing ploy and it was essentially free...
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    1998 LMTV m1078 3116 pulling a code d1-6600 d2-4212 d3-6927 Page 54 It does suggest testing for shorts to battery positive on the solenoids switch terminals. But otherwise this generally means an internal TCU fault. Can't find reference to a 4212 code. 6600 usually means the TCU...
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    1998 LMTV m1078 3116 pulling a code d1-6600 d2-4212 d3-6927

    Based on those codes the TCU is bad. The downfall of the 3116 FMTV's. The engine might be mechanical but doesn't do any good when the TCU fails. This was not uncommon.
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    Why did this one go for so much $

    First time buyers in a bidding war most likely. It's been to depot and looks like a solid runner but it's just a cargo, no winch, no AC, and a 3116 A0 truck. Definitely not worth the auction price or dealing with the EUC, etc. Anyone that's familiar with these wouldn't have paid that. I've seen...
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    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    Production is supposed to be underway or in the queue. They require 50% payment to begin production and that bill was paid on Aug 5th. I am waiting for word that they are ready to ship and ask for the rest of their money. They are in New York and I'm in Oregon..... I don't have an exact ETA. I...
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    Power steering fluid filter...

    That definitely looks appropriate. Thanks! Someone should add that to the Filters list in the FMTV parts spreadsheet.
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    Power steering fluid filter...

    This is an annual service item and I'm not finding any availability on the civilian market. It's a Bosch filter: NSN: 2910-01-375-7624 Part number: 3032141112, or 3032.141.112-0CB I have a surplus filter but curious if anyone has found a cross-reference that's commonly available.
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    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    I got word on Friday that production will begin this coming week.
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    Renewing NOS cab bushings-- is that possible?

    The group buy will not be the end of the supply. I'm having more than the initial sets made to cover eventualities and it will be possible to make more runs of these. They do have a shelf life so anyone with "New Old Stock" needs to be questioned on exactly how "old" they are. Their usable...
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    California Registration of an LMTV

    Knock on wood I haven't had any interest from road pirates on Oregon with my Utah plates. The reality is that I can just claim it's an RV and well..... the whole purpose is to travel with it. I just claim I have a business in Utah and that's where it's registered. Keep your truck looking...
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    California Registration of an LMTV

    Just get Utah plates and be done with that stupid state. Oregon has complications for me due to my truck being a BAE truck so I have Utah plates. Screw them if they don't want my money.
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    California Registration of an LMTV

    There is effectively no way to register in CA. These guys are your best bet:
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    New LMTV owner

    As mentioned - I rebuilt my pump and just operated it and the hand pump while rotating all the knobs to various settings and eventually it started working normally. My pump prior to the rebuild would work for a few cycles and then it would blow off it's internal relief valve and stop pumping -...
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    Adding Cruise Control to C7

    Not likely. Cruise helps with fuel economy and thus emissions and truckers would lose their $hit.
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    Gen 2 air conditioning install with C7 A1R - notes and pictures thus far.

    The wiring harness he sells already takes that into account and shuts them off for fording. Spal axial fan motors are IP68 certified waterproof.
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    Gen 2 air conditioning install with C7 A1R - notes and pictures thus far.

    Yes - the one on Tom's web site:
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    Drag link ball joint threads

    Smack the mating tapered ring on the knuckle, etc with a BFH. You don't hit the tapered, threaded shaft itself. You want to slightly oval (elastic deformation, not plastic deformation) the mating ring with a BFH to break the rust and tapered fit. On my 2008 they damn near fell out with the nuts...
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    Registering a LMTV in California

    Honestly you probably won't be able to get it done. It can't be registered commercial since it's older than 2010 and that's an absolute denial on emissions alone. And it can't be registered as an RV unless you install permanent sleeping/cooking accommodations and get VERY lucky with your choice...
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    Adding Cruise Control to C7

    You still have to enable it on the C7 ECM. You need CAT ET and a compatible J1939 adapter or you need to take the truck to a CAT dealer. If you have the software and adapter it literally takes about 2 minutes to enable cruise. From the factory these engines have the cruise minimum enable speed...
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    Adding Cruise Control to C7

    Broke overland installed it incorrectly BTW. Don't follow his wiring. Follow the instructions from Berend. Mine works great. With the C7 the ECM will disable the PAC brake when the CC is turned on unless you depress the brake pedal. With the CC off the PAC brake will engage when you lift off...
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