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  1. Overboard

    Hmmwv problem starting

    I have 1045a2 6.5 non turbo, first start up is nothing but cranking and finally it will turn over, if I kill it and try to start it up it will turn right over. The hmmwv is my first exposure to diesels so I'm lost I will say the wait glow plug light is on for a second then off. So curious if...
  2. Overboard

    DWF sensor location

    I'm having a difficult time locating where the sensor goes the TM states it goes on the "A" frame and gives picture I'm having a hard time finding it any one have one that can snap a photo and show me I would appriecate it.
  3. Overboard

    Transmission trouble

    I have an m1045A2 (planetgov) and ever since I got it the trans light stays on. The light comes on as soon as I turn power on crank it up, until I turn the truck off. I used the diagnostic approach, jumped A and E, this is where it gets really frustrating it just flashes 12 over and over, no...
  4. Overboard

    Hmmwv springs

    I have a former up armored humvee that sits higher (2 inches in the front) than a non armored hmmwv, is this a normal thing? I would assume that they would put bigger springs on the armored bc of weight.
  5. Overboard

    Slant back c pillar measurements

    I have a 1045a2 and the c pillar is just a tube, I need the c pillar for a slant back, I know flea bay has them but looking at it I can't see it being hard or expensive to manufacture instead of spending over $700. Is there anyone that could give me the measurements off of theirs? I would...
  6. Overboard

    Broken fan

    I have a 6.5l a2. i have five fan blades that now have pieces taken out of them all on the trailing edge due to a tool being there unknown upon start up. can i still drive with this until i get it replaced or is it static ?
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