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    2015 KAMO Rally (KS, AR, MO, OK) Oct 2-4 2015

    I plan to attend... guess I should drag Swayze along also. We both know the trails out there all too well. There is also some signage that can be put up, if we can find it, for the adventurous types.
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    2015 5/15-17 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    I have a M35A2 winch, with the extensions/spare bumper, the PTO, Drive Shaft, and the in-cab handle. No cable. This was a functioning winch when the Forestry Service removed it, and has been stored indoors by me. Bought it 3 years ago, and never felt I needed it... sure to regret selling it...
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    KC to Dayton Ohio. Boring ol' 600mile trip in a deuce. But wait theres more!

    Didn't have a good internet connection until now, but I made it. Ended up driving straight through. Right at 12 hrs to drive 620 miles. Left at 10:30 Saturday, and arrived that night. Not really any pictures, but wish I had brought my camera. Saw two other civilian owned MVs. Must have...
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    KC to Dayton Ohio. Boring ol' 600mile trip in a deuce. But wait theres more!

    It ought to be a pretty decent trip. New wiper blades, rainex and most importantly the "improved" defroster vents from a A3 mean that I can actually drive through a thunderstorm without getting washed overboard, or swirled around inside a cab full of water like a washing machine.
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    KC to Dayton Ohio. Boring ol' 600mile trip in a deuce. But wait theres more!

    Leaving from Kansas City driving my M35A2 (bumper number 6025) and hopefully arriving just north of Dayton 10 hours later. Will be flat-towing my M1009 CUCV on a Med towbar. This weekend looks like rain, guess I had better pack my goretex.
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    M151 Water Heater

    I have to say, my M151 is pretty toasty warm with a heater.... after I disconnected the hoses from the diffuser box on the steering wheel! Now it is just a hose over the transmission tunnel towards my feet. There is a lot of energy moving through that heater core, you just have to figure out how...
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    Uses for Deuces

    Trucks! My deuce hauls other trucks, albeit smaller ones. That is what my deuce seems to spend 90% of its time on the road doing.
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    tip for starting diesel even though you have total glow plug failure.

    I've had TWO M998s in the Army where the glowplugs failed for one reason or another. One of them is the truck currently assigned to me! Been that way all summer. The other was years ago. I've been blocking the exhaust to get them started. It just seemed like a smart thing to do if you...
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    Two air compressors Fort Riley, KS to Appleton, WI

    I might be able to pick them up from the GL yard... transport from Ft Riley not so much. Obviously moving your stuff from truck to truck should be minimized, so I normally don't just grab stuff. But if you have a time constraint for pick up, then I'll be more than happy to help out.
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    Very strange "Tink" Noise

    Agreed. Blew up a perfectly nice M1009 to the same problem. Made a metalic "ticking" noise, and is easy to check for.
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    Clicking from front wheel

    While I am not at home, its hard to post pictures. So you'll have to follow a link until I can get it fixed. Scroll down for a picture. But I had a wheel bearing come apart on me while driving home one weekend...
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    M882 antenna brackets

    That is a picture of Aswayze's M882... it came that way from the Forestry service. Take that for what it is worth. I believe it came with two holes drilled in the bed. Here is a link to the whole thread. And here is the other half...
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    OK, MO, AR, KS Rally June 21-23 @ D-Day Adventure park 2013

    There have to be a few pictures from this thing.... unless I missed them somewhere else. I have a few but left my camera in my M1009, and then left that in the shop! Will update in good time.
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    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    I have the next few afternoons off, and would drive over to grab some small-ish parts. Is there a near recognition signal, or some such so I don't get shot at by the security team?
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    OK, MO, AR, KS Rally June 21-23 @ D-Day Adventure park 2013

    I'll be heading down too. Hopefully my Mutt is usable by then.
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    New Guy in Dayton, OH Looking for local MV Guys

    I'm away on extended vacation, on Uncle Sam's dime, but home for me is Vandalia OH. Didn't realize there were that many SS members in the Dayton area.
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    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    I'm still fighting for a weekend to come out and grab up some 1100 XLs... then it will another battle to get them on the deuce :p
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    9:00 V 11:00 tires

    Man, I need to put you on my christmas list. I've started looking for 1100s around Ft Riley, and haven't found that mythical person with "get them out of my hair" prices :razz:
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    D-Day fall off road 4x4 event Oct 7-9

    Terry? My evil-genius plan is to go work with him this weekend... and get twice and much done, so we can take the next week off and play.
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    D-Day fall off road 4x4 event Oct 7-9

    I'm also going to attend. Now to figure out the best route to roll down from Ft. Riley.
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