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    Official 2022 Denton Military rally thread, April 23rd-24th

    Figured it was about time to start a thread, who's coming, what are you bringing, parts for sale, etc? I personally have a couple new additions to bring, this year I will have my MTVR with a matching MTVR trailer, so nothing special there. What I am excited about bringing is my new to me...
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    Steering issues

    Anyone ever had steering issues? Not sure if the steering box needs some sort of adjustment, but I have a truck that has a long 'pause' from when you put effort to turn the steering wheel before the power steering kicks in and it actually turns the tires. Once it starts it turns fine (not...
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    Air brake (parking) valve repair questions

    If anyone has looked, the valves under these trucks are a pain to get to from the bottom, and the exhausts are all tied together. When I press the park brake valve sometimes it will release the brakes, but then may pop back up with the brakes still being released (yea that's not safe!). Any...
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    Purchased MK23 with no engine cover (doghouse)!! Anyone have any connections?

    Wondering if anyone knows where I can find a doghouse and a turret cover for a Oshkosh MK23?
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    Fuel/water separator replacement

    Wix 33417 (Napa 3417) is a direct replacement for the fuel/water separator if you want to get rid of the leaky fuel heater. Numerous times I have had the water separator/heater assembly leak, no more leaks and drainback issues with the new filter. Obviously you don't have the heater anymore...
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    Cooling fan won't shut off except in 4x4

    I have a 1078 that the engine fan won't shut off. Not even when flipping the fan switch. My buddy has driven the truck more than I have, he said the fan shuts off if the truck is put in 4x4, this is what has me stumped. Everything appears to be hooked up.
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    Govplanet customer service hanging up in the middle of a call?

    Anyone else have GovPlanet customer service hanging up on them? I had a guy today tell me 'Thats not a problem' after I asked him about fixing something on some paperwork, and then 'click'. The call did not drop, and he did not call me back (I had given my #). I have had them hang up on me...
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    MEP-804a no start (no power to fuel shutoff solenoid), it DID run recently.

    I have a new to me 804a, when I got it home I put batteries in it and started it up, ran fine. I got it hooked up to the house and let it run under load for maybe an hour, no issues. Yesterday I went out to start it and it would crank but wouldn't start. I replaced the fuel filter (the...
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    Fuel return line at back of block?

    It seems this line spits out a very small amount of fuel, is it a return line? If so, where is it supposed to go to?
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    FLU air compressor, what actuates compressor? (and other air system questions)

    I know on a normal truck with air brakes the governor cuts the compressor 'on' and 'off', but how does the air system work on a FLU? It seems the compressor will just pump all the time, so where does the excess pressure go? I understand there is a unloader valve on the passenger side framerail...
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    MEP-803a runs great, makes power, circuit interrupter and battle short inoperable

    I have an 803a that runs great, but flipping the circuit interrupter switch or battle short switches does nothing, therefore power does not transfer down to the lugs on the front of the unit. The unit reads 25-50% load just running with no load at all, not sure what the deal with that is. I...
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