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    Need help finding correct wiring pins

    Hey all, I’m installing my winch, here is a couple wiring blocks I need to repin due to corrosion. Just touch a couple of these and they break off. I’m not familiar with this style pins/block. The connector says Burns? Anybody order pins for these? Have any more intell?
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    PTO wiring question

    Hey all, I’m working on my winch install. Currently searching for the wiring to plug in the PTO. I can’t seem to find it. I’ve got an M1078A1 and was under the impression the wiring would be right next to where the PTO attaches to the transmission. Any ideas? I’ve searched a bunch and can’t...
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    M1078A1 “warmup” switch popping C/B

    Hey all, anyone have their warmup switch short out and trip the CB77? Just happened to me yesterday and haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. Didn’t know if there were any usual locations for this problem to check. Search function didn’t return anything useful (could be my fault) Thanks...
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    Warren hydraulic winch

    Has anyone installed a Warren hydraulic winch on their LMTV? I don't have a winch for my truck yet and I really don't care for electric winches, though it seems to be the way to go sans a real hydraulic system on the truck. I'd love a stock setup but the chances of finding one here in New...
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    Synthetic lube efficiency report

    I ran across this test conducted on FMTV's for the Army. I searched around to see if someone has posted this before, didn't find it. Forgive me if it has been discussed before. It's nice to see some real numbers and not just speculation of synthetic oils vs what Army likes to run. To save...
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    Cab stretching…. Anyone?

    I’d like to explore the possibilities of adding another 16” to the cab. The cut would be behind the rear windows I think. I suppose it would be possible to stretch the windows, but adding 16” there would be a lot of window. The reason is I’d like to add a real set of second row seats. I...
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    My trans oil swap to ATF

    Hey all, This seems to be a topic that I see lots of questions about but not many answers. So for the benefit of others thinking about doing the swap I'll throw my trans oil change experience knowledge up here...... should be a short write up. :rolleyes: My truck is a 2003 3126 Cat equipped...
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    Cab ride shock absorbers

    After my last ride I did a walk around as per standard. I heard an air leak from the passenger side cab air ride can. Today I decided to look into the issue and found the leak was from the top shock retention pin O-Ring. Once I had the unit it out it sounded faintly like a clunky hourglass, and...
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    CTIS valve block

    Hey all, My first post here. Bought a 2003 M1078A1 last month and troubleshoot the CTIS fault to..... no control valve block behind the passenger kick panel. Everything is capped off. I've been looking around for a new to me block and haven't had much luck finding anything recent for...
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