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  1. infidel got me

    A/c bracket

    Are any members making or know where I could find a bracket to mount a sanden 4 ear compressor?? It's a 923a1 250 na... Thanks
  2. infidel got me

    1.25" to 1" adapter?

    Is there any body that has done this? I have searched for a while and came up empty.. 1.25" antenna base adapted down to a 1" antenna...
  3. infidel got me

    Freight run -- shuold be fright run

    Stay away from these clowns. Lies and I just don't know what else to tell you is there response. AAA cooper is the subbed-transporter, but is represented by freight run. AAA cooper picked up my item on 9-19-17 and was told delivery on 9-22/23. NOT-- told its on the truck, not on the truck, was...
  4. infidel got me

    New guy

    So now that J.WADE has moved on to greener pastures, who is it on here that has put his hat on????? Or is it anyone, maybe we are left to get lied to by GOVERNMENT PLANET over and over and the old saying IT'S IN THE MAIL ------ WELL BULL%%%
  5. infidel got me

    Florida off road only

    I just read a new article on my Flmvpa.MVPA members, The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has formally responded to questions and concerns regarding Technical Advisory RS/TL16-022. Their responses are copied below in red. In summary, an MV owner may still title and...
  6. infidel got me


    I wanted to give a shout out to JOEY at UNITED STATES OF FREIGHT. These guys did an incredible job transporting my Humvee. Picked up my Humvee two days ahead of schedule, delivered it undamaged, transported it at a great price and had outstanding communication during the move. The transporter...
  7. infidel got me

    water pump pulley

    Does anyone know of a source to purchase a 5 groove waterpump pulley? I did google it and came up empty. Flea-bay has pretty chrome ones, but they are only 3 groove. I've heard that you can remove a alternator belt and use that groove. I would rather do it right and use the 5 groove. It is a 6.2...
  8. infidel got me

    700 mi. What do you guys think?

    My buddy wants to drive a 1993 m 998 from central Florida to middle Tennessee pulling a 2800 lb. trailer. The Humvee is mechanically sound, I just think that is quite a road trip with no support. My buddy is not very good around a wrench either. I'm trying to talk him out of the trip as I see me...
  9. infidel got me

    Poor guy

    I would like to give a shout out to J WADE. This man takes a ton of complaints and sarcastic remarks and still stays on course. He receives no pay or compensation for what he does, yet he stands firmly planted. I would like to thank him and hope he continues to stay a member here on Steel Soldiers.
  10. infidel got me


    I have looked for a few hours trying to find this and came up empty handed. There is a valve after the cab that is called a pto control linkage valve? The truck is a 936a2 and I have checked all the vendors and have not found it. Is there another name for it? It throttles up the truck and locks...
  11. infidel got me

    No right side low beam

    I'm putting the finishing touches on the 923 after painting. Had a little free time today, so I figured I would install my headlights. Easy enough-- well not really. So, this is what we are working with. 7 inch glass lenses w/ hella 24v bulbs. Drivers side works fine, passenger side has no low...
  12. infidel got me

    back-up camera

    I was just wondering what fellow members were using or would recommend in the purchase of a back-up camera. I really don't submerge my truck, but they are waterproof to an extent? My next point would be activating said camera. I was thinking of maybe willy rigging a switch in the shift tower or...
  13. infidel got me

    My bobbed 5 ton

    Well here she is, the hard stuff is over, but now the time consuming stuff comes into play. Laundry list of things to do-- finish paint, led lights, coolant filter kit, radio, cb, gauges, air ride seat. Iv'e been buying parts for this truck for about a year now and it will probably take me that...
  14. infidel got me

    crate from utah to central florida

    Need a crate with two leaf springs from Cedar City Utah transported to central Florida. No real rush, need a week or so heads up. Thanks, WILL
  15. infidel got me

    Orlando veterans day parade

    I would like to thank OD FEVER for the invite to the parade. My family and I had a great time, and really enjoyed meeting a few of the SS members that attended. There is a lot more involved than just showing up and driving through. Thanks again and look forward to attending next year, and I...
  16. infidel got me

    A thank you is in order

    I would like to thank AUBRY at TNJ MURRY. I ordered 3 data plates for my 923 bed. He called me today and said 2 had small scratches the other was fine. Since they were the last 3 he had he wanted to know if I still wanted them or would I care to wait till he got some more in. I thanked him for...
  17. infidel got me

    923a1 no start

    Hey guys I need help on this one. Yes I did check the tm's for this, but it gave answers that were obvious, and left me in the dark. So here is what happened- started truck- moved truck to ft.yard- moved car- went back to truck that is now not running- try to restart wont run - gave up. The...
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