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  1. marksgarage2

    NJ Trailride in the pines 08- april 27th

    Sunday march 16. We will meet at the redlion diner at 9:00 am for breakfast. We leave at 10:00 am for the trailride. This is a family event and we ride mostly in the state forest and adhere to the laws. We always have a blast, so whos goin!!!!............. The diner is located at rt# 206 and...
  2. marksgarage2

    Anyone selling 14.5 xl at abeerden?

    I will be looking for 6 - 14.5 r20 michelin xl tires at abeerden. If anyone has them I would like to prebuy. Thanks Mark
  3. marksgarage2

    Military trailride in the NJ pines

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday ! feb 11 will be a trailride in the New Jersey pinebarrons. Who is going? P.M. me for details. All legal vehicles are welcome on this family outing. Mark
  4. marksgarage2

    NJ military trail ride in the pines

    This sat dec 16 there will be a military trailride in the NJ pinebarrons. Anyone wanting to go can p.m. me. We always have a good time and its a great family day. I will take plenty of pictures.
  5. marksgarage2

    Mv wheeling in a hurricane!

    What is the most important thing to do in a hurricane? Take out your mv to the woods of course. Great wet trip today. My deuce, Nickd all the way from delaware, and Waynes 5 ton from Bristol Pa. Also about 10 civvy trucks. Here are the pics.
  6. marksgarage2

    NJ pines run tomorrow.

    Kinda short notice, but we went 2 weeks ago and it was very dry.We had my deuce, Waynes 5 ton, and his friends deuce. Also misc civvys. Ernestos raining on us now so we are going sat at 11 am. Pm me for are some pics from last time.
  7. marksgarage2

    Super singles are done, But....

    Well the hubs are flipped and the 11.00-20s are on, but I am not real crazy about how it looks in the back. I like how the front looks. It steers and drives alot nicer though. O well I will run it like that for a while to see if I like it. How about m135 rims in the front and m35 rims in the...
  8. marksgarage2

    Has anyone tryed this?

    I bought 6 m135 wheels and 10 11:00-20 tires. I was going to flip my hubs and run them. But how about the 2 m135 rims in the front and not flipping the hubs on the rear. Then put the rear tires on reg deuce rims and run no inner tire and let them stick out to run super singles? I am thinking...
  9. marksgarage2

    Trying a new paint job

    What do you think?
  10. marksgarage2

    Spring seat shock source?

    Mine bottoms out and is leaking. Who has replaced theirs? And who has them For sale?
  11. marksgarage2

    New intank fuelpump?

    My pump has not worked in 2 years. I am going to take it out and try to fix it. But if not, should I get a oem pump for 300.00 or one of those external pumps from saturn 40.00? Anyone run the external and how do you like it? Thanks Mark
  12. marksgarage2

    M35a2 sreering box replacement

    If you read about our pines run sunday you know that nickd broke his steering box. We are going to change it out sat. Anyone that can give us advice on the procedure, we would appreciate it. So, do we have to move the engine over or can we pull the injector pump off? Thanks in advance.
  13. marksgarage2

    NJ pines run this sunday

    Taking my deuce and some unimog friends. Family outing. PM me if you want to go. We had a blast last time. Pics will be posted!
  14. marksgarage2

    Need new headlamps

    I can order reg ones from saturn, but does anyone have halogen headlamps in their MVs? Also would napa have either? If so what are the part #s?
  15. marksgarage2

    5 ton stuck on the road!

    I know this is about a 5 ton, but we need help! My friends 5ton w/cummins is broke down. We changed the fuel filter, but lost prime to the filter. The in tank pump is not working. How can we get the prime back up to the filter without the pump working. Filling the filter is not working. Tried it...
  16. marksgarage2

    Who has turned up your fuel?

    How many turns did you turn on your pump? What I am trying to find out is how far you can turn it up without damage to the engine. Also how many turns up before you really have to watch the pyro gauge. I turned mine up one and a half turns and don't have my pyrogauge installed yet. Do the egts...
  17. marksgarage2

    Looking to buy a pyrometer.

    Who sells the best pyrometer deal? Anybody get the napa one? I would need a kit with everything.
  18. marksgarage2

    Turning up the fuel....again!

    After the crash all the pics of this mod are gone. Bjorn can you repost your pics? I would like to do this mod tomorrow. Thanks Mark
  19. marksgarage2

    Idle adjustment?

    My idle is too low and I use the hand throttle cable to adjust it. Where do you adjust it at? Thanks
  20. marksgarage2

    Cheap deuce tool

    I got this pool ladder for free and painted it to match my deuce. Makes working on the engine a breeze!
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