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  1. Daybreak

    AMMPS MEP-1030 5KW Generator List of Part Numbers

    AMMPS MEP-1030 5KW Generator Parts MEP-1030 5kw AMMPS Generator 6115-01-561-7329 Kubota D902 3 cylinder diesel Air filter Fleetguard AF26116, Donaldson P628323, NAPA 500405, WIX WA10405 Belt Gates XPZ887 Metric-Power V-Belt Fuel/Water Separator Racor R15S, Napa 3433, Baldwin BF46019-O Oil...
  2. Daybreak

    AMMPS MEP-1040 10KW Generator List of Part Numbers

    AMMPS MEP-1040 10KW Generator Parts MEP-1040 10kw AMMPS Generator 6115-01-561-7455 YANMAR 3TNV84T-BMCU engine (3 cylinder turbo, 1.5L) Air filter Fleetguard AF26168, Napa 9168, Wix 49168, Baldwin RS5325, Donaldson P616641 Fuel/Water Separator Racor R15S, Napa 3433, Baldwin BF46019-O Oil...
  3. Daybreak

    GovPlanet Chambersburg, PA

    Howdy, 2 locations Vehicles, Wheeled items, Generators etc. Lot off-base, near Letterkenny Army Depot 4363 Sunset Pike, Chambersburg, PA 17202 palleted items etc. GovPlanet Warehouse 2801 WCN Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17202 You have to stop in the driver check-in door first. Warehouse...
  4. Daybreak

    MEP-802A MEP-803A Filters and Parts

    Howdy, MEP-802a and MEP-803a use all the same filters and such MEP-802A ONAN DN2M 2-cylinder engine (Lister-Petter LPW2) Liquid cooled diesel, aluminum housing MEP-803A ONAN DN4M 4-cylinder engine (Lister-Petter LPW4) Liquid cooled diesel, aluminum housing Oil Filter Spin-On (FILTER ELEMENT...
  5. Daybreak

    MEP-802a/803a generator end bearing

    Howdy, MEP-802a/803a generator end bearing. Dimensions: 25mm ID 62mm OD 17mm tall/thickness Crosses to KML BEARING # 6305-2RS. The suffix denotes 2 rubber seals. They are also available with metal seals.
  6. Daybreak

    MEP-802a/803a Air Cleaner Assemblies

    Howdy, MEP-802a/803a Air Cleaner Assemblies Here's a few more PN's in case anyone is missing parts for your air filter housing. The housings and parts from Donaldson are still available new on Amazon, Ebay and the internet in general. Donaldson housing assy complete is a FWG054-2619 (...
  7. Daybreak

    MEP-8xx Fuel/Water spin-on filter

    Howdy, It seems the MEP-8xx fuel/water spin-on filter is put on by King Kong. Use a good filter wrench, strap wrench which fits and pull really really hard. It does actually come off. Every MEP-802 and MEP-803 I have come across has had that filter way to tight, and dry. This is usually what...
  8. Daybreak

    MEP-802A MEP-803A Filters and Parts

    Howdy, MEP-802A ONAN DN2M 2-cylinder engine (Lister-Petter LPW2) Liquid cooled diesel, aluminum housing MEP-803A ONAN DN4M 4-cylinder engine (Lister-Petter LPW4) Liquid cooled diesel, aluminum housing MEP-802A Filters List, MEP-803A Filters List Oil Filter Spin-On (FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID...
  9. Daybreak

    Tobyhanna modified mep-803a assistance

    Howdy, Looking for assistance with a Tobyhanna modified MEP-803a The Tobyhanna Depot makes a modification to the diagnostic port for remote panel monitoring. Has any member found information to reset this mod? Any pointers to change things back to normal? Modified "10KW Unmanned Aircraft...
  10. Daybreak

    internal iTrader Feedback score for Me, Daybreak

    Howdy, I guess I should ask to get some feedback scores. A little late, but if you bought 1 of the many well nuts, gauges, panels, components etc... from me. could you go to my name and leave feedback? I guess I need to go through and leave a buyers feedback as well...
  11. Daybreak

    MEP-813A 10kw 400Hz generator

    Howdy, This is just a information post. A MEP-813A 10kw 400Hz generator does not work for a normal household. It produces 400Hz power. Which means you could start a aircraft, or run a radar system. aua In the civilian world, you could call it a expensive boat anchor A normal USA household...
  12. Daybreak

    Tips for those buying a surplus generator

    Howdy, Tips for those buying a surplus generator. Government surplus generators are sold as is. There could be underlying issues with them. They might work, they might not. The main household electricity used is known as 120/240 60Hz The military generators which have this type of output are...
  13. Daybreak

    Generators in Parallel Operation

    Howdy, 3 x MEP-1030 5kw AMMPS generators in parallel 3 x AMMPS 5kw in parallel load share without switchbox. The generator needs to support working in parallel. The control cable needs to be connected to each unit operating in parallel. The 3rd generation AMMPS generators 5kw-60kw have built in...
  14. Daybreak

    Generator Accessories

    Howdy, Generator Accessories slide hammer slide rod driver/puller rod 5120-01-013-1676 SLIDE HAMMER, GROUND 13226E7741 ground rod, knuckles, ground strap, drive head bolt 5975-00-878-3791 RODS, GROUND SECTIONAL 9FT AA-55804-III-B 5975-00-794-2523 COUPLINGS, (THREE IN SET)...
  15. Daybreak

    Generator AUX fuel connections

    Howdy, Adapter, Container NSN 5342-00-066-1235 MFR P/N: 13211E7541 Is the 5 gallon/55 gallon bung adapter which the aux fuel line connects to. Auxiliary Fuel Line NSN 4720-00-021-3320 Auxiliary fuel hose specs bung adapter in 5 gal MFC In a 55 gallon drum you use both pieces
  16. Daybreak

    Military MEP generator reset information

    Howdy, This Technical Bulletin has all the information regarding what happens to a Tier I and Tier II reset. It's a good read to understand what happens and what gets changed, inspected and/or replaced. Covers 2kw to 200kw
  17. Daybreak

    MEP-8xx Fuel Retrun Line

    MEP-8xx Fuel Return Line Howdy, The MEP-8xx series of generator all use diesel fuel return lines. After sometimes sitting with no fuel, or heat cold, no-use etc... they start to fail. The main issue is the lines start weeping fuel. NSN 4720-01-483-6467 part N20353.5 HOSE, NONMETALLIC...
  18. Daybreak

    MEP-802/803 relays

    Howdy, Both the MEP-802A and MEP-803A use the same relays. The relay are all the same, EXCEPT, the one on the far left. It is SPECIAL.:wink:
  19. Daybreak

    MEP-8xx S1 and S6 switch variations

    Howdy, So many ask, but do not know. They do the same function. Pictures of the S1 and S6 switches. Plastic switches Bakelite switches
  20. Daybreak

    I would think MEP-80x parts are coming

    Howdy, I would expect in the next 6 months that a lot of parts units will be available. This will make it easier when you need a door, or a panel cover, or other odd ball items which you can not find. Parts units are great for those pieces. The AMMPS deployment is in full swing. The 1st...
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