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    MEP-803a oil pressure sender

    Replaced my oil pressure sender today. The front panel gauge was reading about 10 psi less than the mechanical gauge that I have teed in next to the sender. I recently replaced the gauge but the problem stayed. Replaced the sender and now both gauges read the same. Changed the oil while I had...
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    MEP-803a work bench

    I really like my generator but it takes up a big hunk of floor space. I can move it around with my pallet jack but it always seems to be in the wrong place. I decided to do something about the situation to get the generator out of the way and make better use of the floor space: I built a work...
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    MEP-803a panel lights flickering

    I've been burning last year's fuel to get ready for hurricane season. Last night I turned on the panel lights and noticed that they were flickering. It's not an "on/off" flickering, more of an intensity change. Sometimes a little brighter, sometimes a little dimmer. The change lasts a fraction...
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    MEP-803a pallet jack

    I've been looking for a pallet jack to move my generator and fuel drum around in the garage. Most are too narrow between the forks, but I found one that is just wide enough. It's a Global model 334475 manufactured in 2007. -- Carl
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    IoTaWatt WiFi electricity monitor on MEP-803a

    I am running the house on the generator to burn fuel from this year's hurricane season. It's a good practice run for everyone, helping us figure out what we can combine and find any issues. I wanted a way to monitor usage without having to go out and look at the load meter so I ordered an...
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    Pallet jack to move MEP-803a around shop?

    I'm not entirely sure how pallet jacks work. I know you can move a really heavy pallet of stuff around with one. How about an 803? Smooth concrete, around the garage. -- Carl
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    MEP-803a shaped gasket seal

    I'm replacing the shaped gasket seals under the top cover on the control panel end. After a bit of research I found "Frost King SS20BR" smoke seal. It is a self-adhesive silicone material that comes in a roll. It is used to seal the gaps in smokers, so it can handle the heat. When I look at the...
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    Cleaning R1 voltage adjust pot on 803

    During load testing yesterday I noticed my voltage was a little low. When I tried to adjust it higher I reached the stop before I got to 120v. I noticed that if I slowly adjusted it up or down that the voltage on the Kill A Watt display didn't smoothly move up or down, it would jump or go the...
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    Outlet plug for my 803

    Got my outlet plug and cover all sealed up and painted. -- Carl
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    mep-803a fuel cap vent

    So I got a new fuel cap and now I can read the writing that says vent open and closed, also that vent closed is for vapor lock and fording. I searched through the TM 9-6115-642-10 operator's manual but see no references to the fuel cap vent. Did I look in the right place? Do any of you guys ever...
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    Why does tapping on a guage make it read correctly?

    I spent a few hours today doing my part to keep Central Florida warm with my 803 and oven. While I was load testing I kept seeing the Hz gauge slide down a few half-Hz ticks. If I tapped on the gauge it would straighten up and fly right for a while (probably waiting for me to stop looking at it)...
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    Generators in Puerto Rico

    Ran across this article today... in-puerto-rico-generators-divide-those-with-and-those-without
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    MEP-803a : AirTex fuel pump substitution

    My 803 had a Facet 40193 primary fuel pump installed in it. I was having problems with it dragging down and shutting off after brief periods of load testing. I could not find the recommended AirTex E1074 anywhere. Replacement Facet pumps were over $200, that didn't seem like a good choice given...
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    MEP-803a: why different fuel lines?

    Preparing to replace my fuel lines and I'm wondering why there are hard lines and soft lines for the non-ip part of the circuit? If soft line is good enough for part of the run, why isn't it good enough for all of it? -- Carl
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    How to look up Lister Petter parts numbers

    I understand how to use the technical parts manual to look up part numbers for my MEP-803a, but how do I find numbers for engine parts? Thanks! -- Carl
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    Too much of a good thing, MEP-803a wouldn't stop!

    I set out to change filters and fluids this morning and decided to run the unit briefly to make sure everything worked beforehand. It started up and ran just fine, as expected. Then I turned the master switch to off... and it kept running! :shock: After taking this in for a few seconds I...
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    803a load testing questions

    Got a coil top stove and have been using it to load my system. First time it has had anything other than convenience outlet exercise. It was originally dropping out around 32A@240V. The AC interrupter light would go out and the engine would be back to running at no-load speed. After cleaning...
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    MEP-803a air filter assembly needed

    If anyone's got a unit they're parting out I need an air filter assembly. Let me know, thanks! -- Carl
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    MEP-803a: where did my press to test lights go?

    New to me MEP-803a, trying to get it to start and run... While working through the starting procedure in the operator's manual my press to test lights worked. After a couple tries the engine started and ran while I held it in start, but when I let go it stopped. Would not start on retry. Backed...
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    Demand for power in the field

    Ran across an article today that discussed the growing power needs of troops in the field. According to the article, here's how the power needs of a fielded Army platoon have changed over the years: 1991 1.74 kW/hr 2001 2.07 kW/hr 2017 31.35 kW/hr I wonder how that...
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