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    LMTV alternator upgrade max amps?

    Looking to do an upgrade on my 100A unit, anybody know the max amps with existing setup? I think the regulator behind cab is 200A if not mistaken. thoughts?
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    AS-3900A/VRC Antenna work with RT 524?

    Will this Singcars antenna work with my RT 524 radio? I looked up the specs and it said it covers the 30-88Mhz band but obviously has no switch in the base for changing the tuning. Any thoughts? thanks
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    RT524 help needed, mount conversion/adapter, correct antenna

    I was hoping someone could help me solve a few issues. I have an RT524 radio with an existing radio tray (see pic) the plug on the tray doesn't work with the 524 obviously. Is there an adapter? Another option? also does anyone know what types of Mil antennas I can use? My truck has a brand new...
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    FMTV wrecker rough start and idle, what is it? Attached sound clip

    This is how the wrecker sounds when I start it. things i have done so far.... *changed the intake heater solenoid, since it doesnt knock as bad in warmer weather so thought it might be that. *checked out fuel all good. things I have noticed. as mentioned much less of an issue in warmer weather...
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    M1088 air leak from trailer brake valve in cab

    So my 1088 leaks air out of the trailer brake valve lever in the cab when you depress the brake pedal. At first I thought it was the trailer valve itself, so I sourced another one and put it in. Well it leaks just the same as before, anybody had this happen to them? thanks
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    U joint straps for rear driveshaft

    Anybody know the part number for these? I have a M998 with 6.5/3 speed and 218 transfer case. Rear driveshaft has u clamps on front yoke going to TC and then it has straps for the one on the differential. I am looking for the straps on differential side. numerous visits to parts stores have...
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    Small Pickup and hold from Portsmouth

    Anybody able to pickup some Wheel Nets/Webbing and hold for a week until I can get to VA Beach ? Will pay for your time :) Thanks for the help. Derick
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    Upgrading Allison shifter/ECU

    Anybody done this? I have the opportunity to upgrade my truck from the dual display shift pad and ECU. This is the one which shows number of gears available and what gear you are actually in. To the 'newer' one which only has one digital readout showing you how many gears are available. The old...
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    Part # for cab connector

    Anybody know the part number for this cab connector off hand? This is the one on the back of the cab in the center. thanks
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    Cab air suspension leak from manifold

    So when I activate the cab air suspension from the manifold on the rhs of the truck. It does not raise up, and starts to leak air out of the small exhaust port on the back of the manifold. It was working fine before, anybody else experienced this issue? thanks for the help.
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    Allison Push button shifter - vehicle specific?

    Is the push button shifter/gear selector that is on the dash vehicle specific? In other words is it programmed in some way to that vehicle or is it a dumb device that can be swapped to another vehicle without issue? :???:
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    Anybody picking up in Groveport/Lockbourne OH this week?

    I might be in a time crunch this week and need someone to help grab 3 crates if we can work out a deal 👍
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    LMTV from FT Bragg to Greensboro

    Was checking to see if anyone else was having something moved and we could share the ride, thanks Derick
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    Lube on seals in split rim?

    Anybody know what this is? Looks kinda like Vaseline. Also looks like there is a bit of grease type substance between the mating surfaces of the two piece rim. What have you guys been using for these 2 applications? thanks for the help.
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    Rear LMTV Axle seal replacement question

    So I am in the process of changing leaking seals on the rear as I am getting fluid transfer from center diff to outer gear case. Well it appears the seal that is leaking is actually on the center diff and not the outer hub as originally thought. However since I have the outer hub disassembled it...
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    Need a little hydraulic assistance/troubleshooting on FMTV Wrecker

    I am having an unusual problem with the Grove crane on the FMTV wrecker. When I first go to use the crane, naturally I activate the PTO switch on dash, system fires up and all is good. However for some reason the crane 'lift' operation and the boom lift operation will sometimes not work. So...
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    M923 A1 died on me while circling neighborhood - NHC 250

    Need some help if anybody has experienced this before. Was flushing and changing coolant this AM as I have a 500 mile round trip to do and it was time for the change. So I am in the process of flushing fresh water though the system and go to loop neighborhood to get thermostat to open. on my...
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    Oil Stains on CARC, how to remove?

    Anyone have a good way to get the oil stains off CARC that inevitably happen with hydraulic fluid, grease etc...? thanks
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    Need to borrow a wrecker remote....M1089

    Anybody have a wrecker remote to lend me? I need to copy the wiring for my replacement cable, mine is cut off. So at present I have no way of knowing what wire is what. This is the one I am talking about. if someone can help me out let me know, thanks
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    Charging 36v Forklift battery with golf cart type charger

    I know several guys on here have pretty good forklift knowledge, but wasn't sure where to start this thread... So I recently acquired a used 36v Forklift. It has no charger, plus most I am finding in a very short search online have been 3-phase. So was wondering, could I get away with charging...
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