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    World War II Flight Training Museum

    Not many of these are left, this one is located in Douglas, GA. Wayne
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    Sr. Director & Corporate Counsel

    Found this on the www. Robert Bragaw, Esq. worked with G/L before moving up to corporate, one of his claims to fame is: "Successfully recovered over $800,000 from the U.S. Government through Contract Dispute Act certified claims." Robert Bragaw, Esq. | LinkedIn Wayne
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    Swamp loggers has a M818

    Just watching the Swamp Logger and seems as if a M818 is in the works as a pull-out truck. Wayne
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    John @ Ft. Stewart, GA is gone.

    Just a heads up for those waiting on a pick-up at Fort Stewart, GA. John is no longer there and you'll need to call Jacksonville, Fl about appointments. His cell is still active but goes to mailbox. Wayne
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    M35A2 Manuals

    [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Anybody know if the TMs has been translated into any other languages? If so, any online sources paper or .pdf.? TIA Wayne /COLOR]
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    M1078 LMVT Standard Cargo Truck Model

    Found this at Hobby Lobby. For the next few days they are having a sale, 25% off and 3.00 shipping M1078 LMVT Standard Cargo Truck 1/35 Deprecated Browser Error I ordered a item and it was shipped super fast. Wayne
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    O Lordy

    It is theirs and it is a good cause. Pink Heals Texas Lone Star Chapter. Pictures right now are photoshopped but as I read it, it is being painted at this time. Wayne
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    TB 746-93-2 10 August 1978

    Anybody have a .pdf or paper copy of this TB 746-93-2 Painting and Marking of Army Aircraft dated 10 August 1978? There is a paper copy on ebay for 35.00 but I'm waiting to find a cheaper one. Just need the 1978 one. TIA, Wayne
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    Anybody have infor on the engine for these? Seem to be a 3kw MEP-016A that was upgraded to a diesel engine? Does anyone have a copy of MWO 96-13013-MEP-01 TIA Wayne
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    Le Roi compressor truck

    Found some great shots of rare vehicles and trailers. BUT they are in a Holland museum. Dang it. Wayne 1905 Le Roi compressor photo - Kees Stravers photos at
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    Any estimates on how many gassers (M35) are left in private hands? TIA, Wayne
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    $50 HMMWV in a crate?

    Well maybe not 50.00 but was in the crate. Sold today at G/L. 5700.00+ Wayne
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    File size for upload?

    What is the file size limit on uploading a TM? TIA, Wayne
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    No outriggers needed?

    Caution, Audio(language) is not work/family friendly Found on youtube. Wayne
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    Manuals for 15kw generator

    Looking for manuals (TM5-6115-234-xx) for a 15kw diesel generator Winpower FSN 6115-591-6866 NSN 6115-00-591-6866. Generator seems to have been made in the early 60s? TIA Wayne
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    MWO on M105A3 Landing Leg

    For those of you that have the new trailer. Wayne
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    Canadian M37 hard top

    Had a Canadian MV owner ask me about problems with his M37. Can anyone help? TIA, Wayne " I have a Canadian hard top and am having a hard time getting it off. If your familiar with this problem, I'd appreciate any tips."
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    Flushing Brakes

    I bought a old (1975?) truck that was a ex-Air Force base truck and then a ex-Forestry truck and got it home yesterday. The engine cranks and seems to run fine BUT no brakes, one of the reservoirs is dry so I assume I have a leak(s) somewhere in that part of the system. I would prefer not to...
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    IDF Armor

    Found some great pictures at IDF ARMOR: IDF -Tactical armor, Apc,Half Trucks,trucks,light vehicles be sure to go all the way to the bottom. Wayne
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    Sold in GA yesterday

    Best I remember it went for about 1900.00. Wayne
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