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    M1078 AO driveline vibration

    The story as I remember it, was that the front driveshaft would drop and the sudden stop had killed a couple of soldiers. If this is true I would feel better if there was a strap under it. Wayne
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    M151 body that never got cut up by the military

    I have two A1 and one A2, several trailers, extra engines and transmissions and some parts in Southeast GA. No papers on any. All were running when parked (outside) but that was some years ago. I'm not getting around very well these days so not really able to give details or take pictures...
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    Slave cable powered tools?

    I used a Swench ( ) when needed, takes up very little space and I haven't found anything it wouldn't bust loose and can be used as a torque when reinstalling. No need to untangle/drag the cords/lines. Very simple and it works...
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    howdy from Sylvania, GA

    Howdy and welcome I'm over in Baxley. DON'T forget pictures. Wayne
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    1966 m416

    ''perhaps the axle was swapped.'' Some of the older Ford rims was a direct fit for those. The former owner of my first M151 had put those kind of rims and oversize tires on for his ''hunting buggy'' I wouldn't have minded so much but the **** cut the fenders for them to fit. Wayne
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    World War II Flight Training Museum

    Not many of these are left, this one is located in Douglas, GA. Wayne
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    M416 Trailer price check and specs

    500.00 is great. Wayne
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    Civil Lawsuit Regarding M109A3

    Never understood why someone would choose to live in a place like this, but you did and you agreed to the rules. Did you understand what a "truck" was then and if you didn't, why didn't you ask then? Wayne
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    Help Needed Trailer Mounted Air Compressor

    Ingersoll-Rand MC-A2
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    ***Fraud Warning***

    Thanks for the heads-up on the seller. As a head-up to other buyers, on Paypal and ebay they give you 45 days just to start the dispute, then you have 20 more days to escalate to a claim then even more time while they investigate and most times unless the seller can prove delivery you will have...
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    "Pictures of the headlight and airline mounts would be great too!" Funny how that could read as pictures of the headlight mount on the front. And thanks for calling me a " smart a$$" for trying to help. I DO enjoy this list. Wayne
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    Being "more specific" in first post would have helped all. Wayne
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    Did you google? Here is one picture. Wayne Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    M332 Question

    Length overall 148 in. (375.9 cm) Width overall 95 in. (241.3 cm) Height overall 53 1/4 in. Weight (empty) 2800 lb (1270 kg) This is from the TM, I think I have the frame width somewhere and I'll look. Mine pulls fine behind my Chevy 1/2t but I can see where a Ford or Dodge may have problems...
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    Can this be hooked up?

    Wouldn't work unless you had the sending/adapter unit for the engine. If you find that, it should. Would there be a difference unit for a turbocharged HMMWV? Wayne
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    Looking into getting a Mutt

    For the guys that have titles, did you use M151?? in the Model or Series box? Wayne
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    Chevrolet must have used reject parts

    Just be glad they didn't use a Dodge again. Wayne
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    Found some 6lug 22.5rims

    That used to be the 80s to 90 something school bus rims. Don't know what they use now but might be worth a look-see. Buses make great storage sheds. Wayne
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