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    m-715 floor pans

    I have a non-computerized friend who recently purchased a fairly nice m-715, I am attempting to locate parts for him. Any body know if Jeep Panels Plus is still in business? Website for them is no longer up. Is there another vendor with reproduction floor pans? Thanks.
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    m37 engine swap??

    Hello, my first post in this forum. Just talked with a friend, he works for a man that has a few m37's, some totally restored, some for parts and some in-between. Seems a "not scrap but not quite enough there for a correct rebuild" m37 is available, cheap. no cargo body, no dash, no seat,no...
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    Windshields and window glass

    Went to trhe Redball show at Gilbert Pa earlier today, lots of very clean machinery there, good turnout. What I didn't find was new glass for my m51, as there was not much in the way of parts for the big stuff. If anyone knows of a good source within a hundred miles or so of Gilbert (I live...
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    cheap m35s link deleted

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    V.I.N.stamped in frame?

    I need to know if there is a stamped vin on the frame of my 1968 m51. The tag on the dash is too corroded to get a good copy of the numbers by rubbing,it is just barely readable, if you know what the numbers are. Is there a stamped location on the frame for the vin? thanks.
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    PTO for dump & winch needed

    Hello all, Seems my front winch became engaged while driving, busted up a bunch of stuff, including the pto gear. I'd be interested in any leads, everyone here has been most helpful in the past. Thanks again, Ed.
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    Broken down, need parts, help if you can.

    Hello all; I don't wish to sound like a broken record, so I'll only ask one more time. I am in need of a 5 ton transfer case, mine pops out of high range when you lift the throttle. It will not drive in reverse at all when high range is selected. The transfer case will, however drive the...
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    hey, check this out, ends soon
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    Need some window glass.

    front windshield is cracked on the passenger side of my 5 ton. If any one has some good glass in eastern Pennsylvania, or north Jersey I will pick up. Thanks in advance.
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    Brain is going to mush.. can't remember sh*t

    GL auction went off today, I had 4 transfer cases bookmarked. Baby got sick, was holding child in lap on couch, watching startrek rerun while the auction ended. End price was $330.00. What really grinds me is that the Army depot was only a three hour ride away. Usually I see this stuff in...
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    transfer case problems

    On a M 51 the t-case wants to jump from high range to neutral when decelerating . Any known fixes for this? Does anybody know if this is a common problem? Tag on side of case indicates depot rebuild some time back. Somewhat related question, found some cases up for auction,but don't know...
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