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    Goodyear vs Michelin Beadlocks...why the caution in the -14 Tire tm?

    From page 2-49 of 9-2610-200-14 "Never install a Goodyear beadlock in a Michelin tire or a Michelin beadlock in aGoodyear tire. Damage to equipment may result if tire components of differentmanufacturers are interchanged." I'm only asking because I want to swap the Goodyear off of the rim it's...
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    923a2 temps at different spots

    I've been trying to get my cooling fan to come on with no luck. Replaced the shutterstat with a 190 (originally had a 200). The fan clutch does work(tested with air, directly). The shuterstat IN line is getting air. Coolant reservoir is filled to bottom of fill tube BUT... the water pipe the...
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    What tool to take apart the fan clutch actuator on 923a2?

    My fan clutch won't come on, even when the engine gets above 210. Reading on here, I see where some people have taken the back of their fan clutch actuator off and lubricated it to good success. I'd like to try that but I'm not sure what tool to use. Looks like some kind of pin spanner tool...
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    Best place for brass fittings? (specifically 45 degree fuel inlet elbow for HH?)

    So I took the hydraulic head off an M35a2 I got at auction awhile back. HH was stuck, so I took it apart and cleaned it. The fuel inlet fitting was in there so tight, I deformed it getting it off... The only thing I could find to replace it was a 45 degree 1/4 male NPT to 1/4 female NPT...
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    Primary fuel filter housing replacement?

    So I got a forest service deuce and a half where they had removed the primary fuel filter and housing altogether. In it's place are fittings to bridge the gap between the hard copper fuel lines. I looked at Jatonka's primary fuel filter spin on adapter but it looks like it requires the stock...
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    door latch screw size?

    I dropped one of the door latch screws (one of the three on the inside of the cab arrayed around the inside door handle) in the grass while reinstalling the mechanism on my 923a2 the other day. Cannot for the life of me find it. Measuring one of the identical screws, it appears to measure...
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    Does my deuce sound right to you? Audio inside.

    So I went to fire up my whistler deuce yesterday and engine tried to run away. Put it in 5th and dumped clutch. I panicked for a second because it was such a surprise and the fuel cutoff didn't do anything so it took me a second to engage my brain and put it in 5th and dump the clutch. Truck...
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    Possible injection pump issues? Or other fuel issue?

    I picked up an old forest service M35A2 at auction a little while ago. MkCoen was kind enough to help me tow it back to a friend's house nearby. So I went to go work on it this weekend. Made sure the engine wasn't locked up and it had fluids. Bled the lines to the fuel filters, then to...
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    CME Arma an "original" starter? Thoughts on good quality starter solenoids?

    CME Arma an "original" starter? Thoughts on good quality starter solenoids? So I bought my M1009 out of a GSA auction in San Antonio a few years ago. It had nothing major wrong with it, but it had a dead starter. A 28MT with a red cme arma badge on it. And it's a dead, dead starter. Even...
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    stuck solenoid, yet again...

    Anyone else have this much trouble with starter solenoids? Truck had a dead starter when I got it at auction with 92k mi on the odo. Put an aftermarket starter on it. 6k miles later, stuck solenoid. Pulled starter, pulled solenoid and sure enough, some burned spots on the copper...
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    Can I send in an EUC directly to Battle Creek?

    Having problems getting GL to actually look at and forward my EUC to Battle Creek. I don't really need them to review it, since it's filled out exactly like I've filled out others that have passed. So can I just skip them and send it myself? If so, where/who would I send it to? I really...
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    Current issue M2A1 ammo can paint color?

    Does anyone know what exact color is used on the current issue standard M2A1 ammo cans? This is the can they use for practically everything small arms. .50 cal, 5.56, 9mm, 00 buck, etc... It's not really flat. It's kinda semi-gloss, I guess. Or maybe "satin?" I tried a bit of Rustoleum...
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    Why doesn't the cucv have something like a voltage protection diode?

    Like the 939 series trucks, I mean. Those trucks have a voltage protection box with some big diodes in them to prevent back emf from damaging alternators, ABS computer, etc... So why doesn't the cucv have something like that? And would the cucv benefit from something like that? I ask...
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    Disappearing coolant

    Coolant temp light came on halfway up to Austin (3 hour drive). Pulled over and immediately shut the engine off. Sure enough, coolant reservoir was empty. Only pure dumb luck I was by some oilfield service company that had a night shift person there to fill my jug. I had checked the...
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    Would someone mind taking some pictures of their A/C brackets for me?

    I'm going to try to make some A/C compressor brackets to add air conditioning to my 1009. The only pics I've been able to find of the brackets are from Napoleon Tanerite's build a few years ago and the pictures aren't very clear on a few details.
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    Dexron VI fuel efficiency?

    So I was reading up on Dexron VI, and saw this claim I'm curious to know if this would amount to a noticeable, real world improvement in the fuel efficiency of a 1009. I could do a quasi-scientific test, except I don't know for sure what's already in my cucv. Got it from GSA auction in San...
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    Where do you get rubber seals for your 1009s?

    Yes, I know LMC truck has them. Anywhere else? Are the chinese ones on ebay any good? I'm assuming they're all from the same manufacturer.
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    Finished adding cruise control to my 1009

    So I finished installing the Rostra kit on my cucv a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. Rostra 250-1223, in case anyone was wondering. The instructions were fairly straightforward, but there were a couple of issues that seemed kind of specific to the 1009. First, you have to attach the...
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    Anyone cut a hole in their cucv floor to access the top of the transfer case?

    I'm considering cutting a hole in the cab floor to be able to access the 4wd indicator light switch and the cotter pin holding the lever to the transfer case. Then bolting my fire extinguisher bracket over the hole to cover it up. Is this a crazy idea? Guess I'm just out of patience and...
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    Simple fix for broken CUCV transfer case indicator

    The indicator bar on my transfer case didn't show any "bubble." So I took it apart and discovered what the problem was. The bubble is part of a single hard plastic piece which has two arms that capture the transfer case selector lever so that the lever moves the bubble up and down the glass...
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