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  1. J

    Hit a Wall on this air leak problem?

    I believe it is the Brake Pedal Treadle venting till my 3 Tanks are empty over night? I have a hard time following long explanations of a repair due to my old age?? A picture of what I am getting into would be nice. I think it is the part operated by the Brake Pedal just behind it. Sure as heck...
  2. J

    Bought new LED Head Lights to put on?

    Put the New LED's on and only have a High Beam on drivers side and nothing else?? Heading to see my doctor in a few but will look into it later? Both were wired the same and I checked fuses but seems there on a 15A Auto Fuse and one was working so it must be good??? I did look around for a while...
  3. J

    Making the Speedometer Accurate?

    Got the Speedometer working nice and smooth now except it is off a little??? I set the DIP Switches to the same setting as the Old ones were. Need to find out which ones to switch to Up the Speed some on the back of the Speedometer. I drove 25 miles but only registered 18 miles so I know I am...
  4. J

    Parade Fun for my M1078 AO Today!

    First Parade and it was fun then after it was over went for a 70 mile floored drive! Man this truck runs nice and smooth for a 2 1/2 ton Tactical Vehicle! Cranked up the music and just waved at a lot of people going by. I drove to out VFW Place in Tonasket and took a picture.
  5. J

    My M1078 RearTire keeps going flat?

    Just went out and since the axle is on a jack stand you can't see it flat. Checked the pressure 5 lbs in it and flat again. Filled it back up and sprayed soapy water on parts. First part I did was the fill hose that keeps the tires full of air. The fitting going into the rim is leaking. Looks...
  6. J

    In-Line Coolant Heater Location?

    Where are you guys putting a in-line Coolant Winter Heater on the 3116 Engine? I want to try and not use either to start but warm up the engine. I did notice the engine does not want to start as nice at 28-30 degs then 70+ degs! I want to plug in my engine at home so it will start. I could heat...
  7. J

    Tire Changing Fun?

    My 2 Rear Tires should be here Tue/Wed this coming week. I figured I would save money and remove the tire & rims myself so I tried today. Removed the 20 lug nuts what a job! I had to use a 3/4" Air Impact Driver. The Tire Shop was concerned about the 40 smaller bolts holding the rims together...
  8. J

    Rearranged a Toyota today with my M1078!

    Stopped at the Lumber Yard to show off the M1078 and the guys were not there? So on leaving I looked on the passenger side cause the drivers side had a truck in the way. Figured how I would turn to back out. Started backing up and it made a noise inside the cab? Thought the tire rubbed on the...
  9. J

    Removing Rusted on Glad-Hands from the front of the M1078

    No way could I get wrenches, cheater bar ect on it to get mine off!! I was also afraid of messing up the Cooling Radiator Core!! Removing the Front Glad-Hands on the M1078 the easy way. Take A 38mm Socket and a Impact Driver, work the socket over the end sticking out and it will remove them...
  10. J

    Wow we have a Wildfire right when my Truck is Coming!

    Wow what a night we had a Arsonist light 4 fires and it still might get to our home! We were supposed to leave but did not evacuate were under a Level 3 right now the fire is 2 mile away but the winds made it travel 20 miles last night and go by us. If the winds had shifted we would have ate...
  11. J

    My M1078 is due Monday Morning!

    This will be my start of the Home Coming of my M1078 getting here Monday Morning! I will take a picture unloading to start it off and a couple on the way home driving it. Might have to go into town to tank it up with fuel so I can play more at home. Man this is a first for me to get a military...
  12. J

    Difference between 1995 and 1996 M1078 Truck I did search?

    I did a search nothing came up thought I was getting the 98 but ended up being a 95 on the title? Check the Vin # yep a 95 by that number. So I know there is differences but what are they, Engine and Transmission/Drive Train. I know less HP that is about it. I have the manuals and still reading...
  13. J

    Fun Begins I just got my Manuals on my M1078

    I know not a big deal to some but I have been sitting in my chair waiting for this CD and it was lost in the mail. Now I can start informing myself on a lot of stuff before it gets here. Supposed to be picked up by the shipper today or tomorrow. Should get the Title any day now to put it in my...
  14. J

    Few more pics.

    The 2 1/2 Ton was a friends who bought a 1952 Tucker Snow Cat off me I was fixing up. I drove it off a bank into his truck. A few more of my M-37 playing in the snow and some of the front to rear skid plates I made for it. A few of the first 48 Power Wagon I restored in my garage when it was...
  15. J

    New Member from Okanogan, Washington State

    I will introduce myself. Mark from Okanogan, WA. I am a Disabled Vet from Vietnam 71-72 and enjoy building trucks. My time in Nam was as a US ARMY Combat Engineer with the 20th Eng and 815th Engineers. Spent my time at Firebase Blackhawk and Camp Dillard. We had lots of Gun Trucks at Dillard...
  16. J

    Some of my Past toys and my M1078 now.

    I guess after a while I get to post in the other groups. Here are the ones I have built from junk and the M1078 I will be enjoying! I did every thing including the paintjobs took them down to bare frame and cleaned every nut bolt and screw. They were a labor of love but I am tired at 68 years of...
  17. J

    New Here looking forward to the Group!

    Took the bait and bought me a 1998 M1078A1 and looking forward to it getting here Okanogan, Washington State from Florida! Always wanted one for a long time. Since typing is hard for me I will introduce myself now. I have restored from junk 2- 1948 Power Wagons and 1- 1953 M37 in the last 24...
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