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  1. msgjd

    early-80's armor field ops

    just a few of my personally-taken pics from back when. .. the last pic illustrates what happened to a minty-fresh butterbar Scout in his M114 who fed the Tankers misinformation :ROFLMAO:
  2. msgjd

    early-80's armor field ops

    just a couple pics from back when. .. the last pic illustrates what happens to minty-fresh butterbar Scouts in their M114 who feed Tankers misinformation :ROFLMAO:
  3. msgjd

    Fitting / Thread size M809-series fuel filter canister

    Hello all, keyword searches did not yield anything specific .. Am looking to add a spin-on ahead of the OEM canister without altering the original lines, need to keep this particular M817 original and uncut for a quick return back to OEM when we are done with a project's numerous upcoming...
  4. msgjd

    SOLVED ! (Looking for ID of this turbo or has one like it to sell, or parts, etc)

    Am seeking a replacement, or just the intake spool, or at least learn the make/model of this thing.. Air filter hardware damaged the 1st set of fins.. There are no markings, stamping, no tag, nothing.. Was on a late-90's-2000's 24V 5.9 cummins in a specialty commercial application, and am going...
  5. msgjd

    What have you Done To or With Your M880/890-series this week?

    went back several years in this M880 forum and did not find this topic as you can on the other trucks. So here goes, I will start a ball rolling
  6. msgjd

    Heavier u-joint on wreckers and tractors ?

    I did a quick search here and found nothing specific. . I ran across a post on the Facebook military wrecker site claiming the subject matter above to be true .. Apparently I am doing something right for the last 45 years as I have never busted a u-joint or jackshaft/short shaft/ stub shaft on...
  7. msgjd

    Old-Old M35 9:00x20 US Mil NDCC Pirelli Tire in Greek !

    Here's a first for me after changing out dozens of NDCC's the last 45 years... Tire was on a former USAF Utica-Bend gasser M35 I might part out, been on there maybe 30 years... The sidewall on one side is in english, the other sidewall is literally Greek to me ! Anyone else seen these or know...
  8. msgjd

    How many out there have received incorrect SF97 Titles? (wrong make, wrong year etc) Did you find a remedy?

    GL was usually okay, as well as the DRMO's. However I have had a lot of trouble with GSA in the past several years. ie; 1953 AM-General , 1980's Kaisers , 1970's IHC 5-tons, 1968 AM-General, etc Of course those builders didn't exist in those years. GSA might as well say it's selling 1920 VW...
  9. msgjd

    status of mil and com yard in sw-MA close to eastern-NY, sw-VT, NW-CT, western MA

    Goes by Milparts but officially called Berkshire Mountain army trucks. Website is something like .. Yard closed, said they scrapped a lot after poor sales due to economy the last 12 years, but what remains has been relocated to a farm Sometimes takes a week to respond to...
  10. msgjd

    cummins big cam/small cam balancing differences, and clutch/flywheel/pp swapping

    I'm re-motoring a former army commercial truck that had a big-cam NTC-230, by installing a NTC-290 big-cam series-1 that was in a privately-owned M818 wreck I purchased for parts for my other M809's etc. The 230 had a pot-style flywheel for dual-disk clutch, and the 290 had a flat flywheel...
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