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  1. kblazer87

    I am back in the MV game

    Hello everyone. I am back. It's been a long dry spell, but I am finally back in the military vehicle nut house. After a knee replacement several years back I was no longer able to enjoy the M931a2 tractor anymore. I made the pragmatic but still painful decision to sell it instead of watching...
  2. kblazer87

    M1082 LMTV trailer from Cincinnati, Ohio area to North Dakota or close.

    I sold my lmtv trailer to a young fella from Alaska who is working the oilfields in North Dakota. He asked me to post and ask about tranport possibilites for the trailer. It is completely road worthy for towing. I can also easily load onto any type trailer from gooseneck to semi flatbed. If...
  3. kblazer87

    My brothers bobbed M35a2

    Finally able to get the new tires/rims and soft top on my brothers deuce last week during the warm up. Aluminum MRAP rims with XZ tires. New insulated soft top also. Look for a for sale ad for the hard top in the classifieds forum soon. he isn't keeping it.
  4. kblazer87

    Southwest Indiana to Nashville with empty gooseneck. Nov. 8 or Nov. 10

    Southeast Indiana to Nashville with empty gooseneck. Nov. 8 or Nov. 10 I am heading to Nashville next week to pick up a shelter dolly set up. 25 foot gooseneck flatbed. Plenty of room both ways. Trip planned for Wednesday 8 November or Friday 10 November and will depend on whether or not I...
  5. kblazer87

    Nashville area pick up.

    Nashville area pick up and hold for a few days. I have a tow dolly just south of Nashville I need to recover, but only day rep is there is Wednesday 8am to 2pm. Would like to see if someone local could get it off post for me. I would be able to pick up same weekend, so should only be a few days...
  6. kblazer87

    I said farewell to the m275a2 deuce tractor today.

    I found a buyer for the deuce tractor and sent it on it's way this morning. Kind of bittersweet, but I couldn't find time to dedicate to it and I was not going to let it sit in a field and rust away. The sheetmetal is too good of shape to do that. Anyway, the new owner is happy. I am happy...
  7. kblazer87

    Picked up an m116 to update my m101

    Perusing the local craigslist a few weeks ago and this popped up not too far away. I have been wanting to sell my m101a1 to get an a2 or a3, but when I found this I Figured I would make my own a3 out of the existing one. The guy I got it from said it originally had a generator and a...
  8. kblazer87

    Getting ready for a parade.

    So I did a bit of spray can spruce up for Monday's Memorial day parade. Haven't had time to get the new hood installed and didn't want all the crustiness showing. Rustoleum camo spray paint from walmart to the rescue. Also bypassed the shutterstat to check fan clutch operation as it hasn't come...
  9. kblazer87

    Took the 5 ton on an ice cream run

    Mama wanted some ice cream and I needed some oil and anti freeze so off we went to wally world and then to a local ice creamery.
  10. kblazer87

    I got the M1082 trailer home. Looks good behind the 5 ton.

    Well it was a chore but I got the m1082 and the two m1101s picked up and brought home last Monday. This thing is a beast. I knew it was big as I had researched prior to purchasing, but man. It's hard to believe how large until standing next to it. They are a bish to load as well. A shout out to...
  11. kblazer87

    Had a little fun with my brothers tractor today.

    We replaced the rim on the rear of my brothers Kubota today. When we got back from the local tire shop we rolled one of his mrap rim with tire in place just to see what it would look like. This just might be a future upgrade for the little Kubota!
  12. kblazer87

    Recovery done, I-71 columbus, Oh to southeast Indiana.

    Ok, I am driving the 5 ton home tomorrow. M931a2 out of Columbus, Ohio to southeast Indiana just west of Cincinnati, Ohio. I wasn't able to procure transportation for a reasonable cost and have no choice but to self recover. I am posting this to alert anybody along the way if I run into any...
  13. kblazer87

    Need some hive collective knowledge re: M35a3.

    Ok, I am going to check out an m35a3 and was hoping to garner some quick pointers from the A3 gurus prior. I did several searches and my head is hurting from reading through everything on my phone. Don't have pics or any knowledge of the truck other than it runs and has a title. Thanks in...
  14. kblazer87

    ok, I am officially a glutton for punishment. Bought another deuce off the gubmint.

    Got an email notice about an auction for a deuce the other day, that was ending shortly. I don't have any place to store it, I haven't done much to the deuce I bought New Years eve day yet, and I am a bit low on cash and it is 3 hours away from here, so of course I threw up a low ball, last...
  15. kblazer87

    Titling/registering M923 in Indiana. Like to hear from the Hoosiers who have done it.

    Ok, I have tried searching for the answers and haven't come up with much so I apologize if this has been covered or beaten into the ground. I have found a few threads about trials and tribulations or lack thereof from other states, but not much that applies to or will help me here in Indiana...
  16. kblazer87

    5 ton is finally home

    Picked up the 5 ton and got it home through the monsoon this evening. Had to drive it off post then sit in a walmart parking lot for 3.5 hours until hauler got there. Drives really well and fires on first hit. Got to see a tremendous sunset on the way home also.
  17. kblazer87

    Groveport pickup Friday March 27.

    I am picking up my 2 pallets in Groveport on Friday. Will have room for several more as I am taking my 18 foot flatbed trailer. Willing to pickup and drop off along the way or pickup and hold for a while. I will be picking up at noon. Thanks Mike
  18. kblazer87

    Road trip planned for tomorrow!

    ok, it looks like I may be buying my 2nd deuce a lot sooner than I thought I would, but kind of lucked into a deal and have to go for it. Truck is in southern Kentucky and I am taking off early morning to run down and check it out. Owner says runs and drives good as he drives it quite often...
  19. kblazer87

    Ok, I can't find it. What is this trailer?

    Trying to find out what model this trailer is. Can't come up with anything. Hoping the collective hivemind here can help me out with a number so I can search for the dimensions and particulars of it. [thumbzup]
  20. kblazer87

    Bought A M275 Need some guidance

    Ok as you can tell from my join date and post count I don't post much and I apologize if these questions are covered elsewhere, but my search-fu has come up with nothing to answer them. I have a chance at an M275 with a bad 2nd-3rd gear set in the transmission and I need "guru tutelage"...
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