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  1. MilitaryRestoration

    Need a lowboy to haul 816 from ohio to washington

    I am in need of someone who can drive a 816 out to washington or even half way, or lowboy it out... I will also have some other odds and ends and a drop side deuce bed that needs to come over here. Like in the title... Ohio to Washington. Thanks guys, let me know...
  2. MilitaryRestoration

    Another saved, uneventful, but...

    Well here she is... another one saved. Decided last night to go and get her after being about a month late on going and getting it. Glad to know people :-)... She is a little bit more rough than I was hoping but hey that happens. I'm going to try and see if the motor will run this week...
  3. MilitaryRestoration

    After a year finally got some time to finish

    Well after almost a year to date from buying the m146 I finally got time to get the interior of her all reskinned, insulated, wired, floored, painted, and water proofed... :-) Took about 25 hours in total over the Labor Day Weekend. Turned out a lot better than imagined and expected. I...
  4. MilitaryRestoration

    Help with M817 Troop Seats and Cover

    Alrighty guys... after measuring and taking a look at other troop seats, I've some to realize that there must be troop seats specifically made for the dump truck and aren't interchangeable with any other trucks... or am I wrong...? Does anyone have any vinyl covers for sale for the m817 and...
  5. MilitaryRestoration

    Anyone near Port Angeles, Wa

    I've got a M101a1 trailer over there that just needs to be picked up and then I'll come get it from your location. I'd go and get it but I've got finals this week and next and just not enough time in between to go and get it. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks!
  6. MilitaryRestoration

    Need help id'n this motor

    Dont know it all :-).... I need help id'n this motor. I've seen it before but can't remember which one it is...
  7. MilitaryRestoration

    Reburbished one...made another...Water Buffalo

    Got some stuff done the other week... Original plan was to take the damaged tank off the trailer and scrap it but then further looking made me change my mind.... So I put the new one on the m149 trailer and then dug out the ol' generator trailer and did some measuring... turns out it's going to...
  8. MilitaryRestoration

    Help with id'n a crane unit

    I've talked to a few members already about this crane that I'm saving up the bucks for and I thank them very much for their time, opinions and help. However we still have not been able to get it id and there are no data plates on it. Does anyone recognize this crane unit or know any more...
  9. MilitaryRestoration

    New toy but whats her 'call sign'?

    What a sweet thing she is. All rebuilt in 1991 and nothing seems to have been used since. Everything seems to be there so far. Someone had 'demil' it by taking all the hose lines off, grease guns off, unbolted fuel tank, undid fuel line, and drained every oil container motor, compressor and...
  10. MilitaryRestoration

    Pre-lub starter on cummins

    Has anyone used a pre-lub starter on their truck? Or seen one with it on. Been thinking about doing this as it is cheaper than a regular starter. However I would need to buy the wiring kit and also the piping for the oil.... opinions accepted ;-)
  11. MilitaryRestoration

    Add another 818 to the list and safe

    Wreck pictures/Add another 818 to the list and safe Well plan was to drive it along with the 5ton flat deck trailer we bought, home all at same time but the 'plan' changed. With the truck not wanting to start and when you hook slave cables up to it, even with both switches off, it tries...
  12. MilitaryRestoration

    Pictures finally and very delayed thread

    Here are some pictures of our trip to Idaho with the tires. I write more up on it later when it's not so late...
  13. MilitaryRestoration

    Anyone looking?

    Is anyone in need or looking to buy a m818 with or without winch? Or 5ton winch with everything needed? Or 52" tires with regular wheels? or bead lock wheels/2-piece wheels? .... let me know if interested, I gotta get rid of some stuff for current projects and bills :-/
  14. MilitaryRestoration

    Shes home, another one saved, another safe journey!

    So the journey started on the 17th of this month when I won her. She went for the most of the 8 or so trucks but I'm defin glad that I got this one as to the other 7. On Friday the 21st I got to go and pick her up. It was a 5 hour drive without stops, food, etc. So we made a day of it and...
  15. MilitaryRestoration

    Bought Another, now old must go

    Bought another m1008 today so my old one really must go now. Take a look at her in the classifieds and let me know an offer. Otherwise to the parts department she goes as I could use some off her anyway, plus axles will go I know that. Just unfortunate to see her go in pieces when such a...
  16. MilitaryRestoration

    What happens when they get crossed?

    What are the effects or damages that could happen when the 'red' line (in picture) is connected to where the 'blue' line (in picture) and you drive with it like that. Buddy of mine helping to get the transfer case in got them switched and I didn't notice till possibly too late... i'll get...
  17. MilitaryRestoration

    5ton xfer case and air lines

    I did a search, look at tm's and still have questions. On my 1972 m818 the transer case just went out. Would not stay in high range anymore. Kept throwing it out of gear, however low range still works fine. What would cause this? Second, in the picture what exactly does the red line do and...
  18. MilitaryRestoration

    Has anyone done this?

    Has anyone taken a van trailer, ie m146, and cut all the sides off of it to make it a flat deck trailer? Pictures and info if so... And if not any suggestions, comments, or 2cents on this
  19. MilitaryRestoration

    I should've saved this! :-/

    I couldn't believe what I saw in the scrap pile when we took our scrap metal and unloading....! Was brand new... had 176 hours on a brand new engine...not rebuild and everything still on it, alternator belts, turbo, exhaust, etc etc ahhh what was i thinking! They said I could've bought it for...
  20. MilitaryRestoration

    Would anyone be intested in this truck?

    I may be selling this soon so seeing if anyone would be interested on SS first. If so taking offers so just pm me. Everything you see but will not have spare tire or motor. Thanks
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