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  1. Greg Schreiber

    No throttle response PSB6A-90EH-5337A

    Recently I installed a re-man IP assembly following knowledgeable advice from some of you guys and of course the TM instructions . Truck ran great for about 600 miles then I started to notice a power issue. I attributed it to the FDC that I have not had time to bypass given the weather. Not to...
  2. Greg Schreiber

    Finding TDC the easy way.

    Just replaced the injection pump on my 1973 AMG LDT 465. The TM's all say to remove valve covers and check the rocker arms. Having spent almost 30 years in heavy truck maintenance. I am not one to trust overhead settings that I did not set myself. I took all 6 of my injectors out due to loose...
  3. Greg Schreiber

    G pump and Hydraulic Head Removal

    Just an FYI to all newbies and those that do not know. These pumps line up the same as all other pumps. There is one caveat that not many know about. There is a oil feed bolt that goes through the rear of the head housing. It will fool you by looking at it, if its been painted it will look like...
  4. Greg Schreiber

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    I am a newbie to the LDT. Seems simple enough set TDC on LDT 465 mark on balancer. Check advance window for tick mark then check hydraulic head for red tooth position. Tick mark in advance window and red tooth not showing, 180 out take around another revolution. Tick mark is in advance window...
  5. Greg Schreiber

    SS Facebook page to the admins

    I have attempted to join the FB page. But the question for user name states "Your SS user name not your real name". Well my SS name is my real name what is with you guys and "Names"? I am not hiding from anyone so I dont have an issue using my real name. There are actually several hundred of me...
  6. Greg Schreiber

    Newbie in Missouri

    Hello all I am currently waiting for my M35A2 to be completed from Boyce Equipment. I have always wanted an old Deuce and finally jumped in. Given the size of these vehicles I prefer to buy from a reputable dealer and have a decent unit out of my investment. Once I get my feet wet I am sure I...
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