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  1. Strobi1

    Relocate coolant overflow in front of motor M1078

    anyone that has relocated their coolant overflow to in front of the motor on a M1078 A0 w/ 3116 that is willing to share a sketch of the brackets they've made would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Strobi1

    Mep-831a what should I do 1st?

    I just picked up a 2002 mep-831a w/ 8 hours on the meter. The description was that it would turn but not start. Besides replacing the oil and fuel filter, is there anything else I should do before trying to start it up? I have a friend that recommends that with so much time sitting without...
  3. Strobi1

    LMTV can air spring alternative

    I know the topic of cab air spring replacement has been going on for while now. I've replaced one of mine with a PP997900, but seems to be impossible to get nowadays (Ohio hydraulics: 20 week lead time and may not get). I can't find where anyone has tried to retrofit a normal over the road...
  4. Strobi1

    Reprograming CTIS

    I have a 1996 BAE M1078 with a newer reprograming CTIS ECU. I do not have the standard din 9 plug on the dash since the truck is older. I think I would have to plug straight into the ECU to reprogram tire pressure settings? Has anyone run into the same issues? If so, how have you over come...
  5. Strobi1

    Filling front Planetary hub (wheel end assembly) with oil

    I'm curious about checking the oil level and filling the front wheel end assembly. I've seen you guys talk about checking the level by rotating the fill plug to the 4 o'clock position, but has anyone ever used the 3 inch "Grease Cap" in the center of the hub? I ask since the plug is stuck and...
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