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  1. Floridianson

    Thanks Scotty66

    He bought my NOS springer seat top and added 20 bucks more on top of what I was asking. Shipping cost was over 100 bucks alone. These days with money tight and the World gone crazy you can always tell the good guys.
  2. Floridianson

    Teledyne starter

    I still have my engine and the 24 volt starter. Thought I saw a post where there was a match for the starter in 12 volt. Some civilian small import if I remember. Does anyone remember if that is true? Tanks
  3. Floridianson

    CIVI Gen. thoughts.

    OK do not know a thing about any of them. I bought this old diesel light tower that has been converted to just power. Kohler and she runs at 1800rpm. The guy I got it from wired up a 240 volt plug and two 120 plugs . My data tag says 67 amps 120 and 33 amps 240. Now the light tower has the main...
  4. Floridianson

    Correct nut torque for combat wheel retaining ring.

    Searched and looked through the TM 9-808 but no luck. Got the wheel with new tube and flap and ring nuts just snugged down for now but want correct torque number for the 5/8 stud / nut. Tanks
  5. Floridianson

    Trouble with the 3k inverter

    OK told my self I was done with the military Generators. Thanks to Allen years ago he bought all three 10k 5k and 3k. Knowing nothing about generators I did the unthinkable and picked up the 3k inverter from lake butler Fl. the other day. My thought was if I loose power I can still run my well...
  6. Floridianson

    Footman loops

    I just happened to notice the larger footman loops in the 373 trailer were the same as on the M37 soft top cross bar. Looks like the smaller ones are 1 1/4" and the ones for the cross bar come in close to 2". They were rose budded to the cross bar on mine. I had one missing and I measured ten...
  7. Floridianson

    Thanks Dawn

    Got two of the night vision goggle cases and got around to putting in the foam. Works great so thanks again Dawn.
  8. Floridianson

    1954 M37

    :cool: Yes I fixed the horn that now goes beep beep. Also member Mullaney is the new owner as soon as he gets down to Sunny Fl. to pick it up.
  9. Floridianson

    Last truck off the sold property.

    This was my first truck and was given to me by my best friends wife when her husband was taken from us by a bad car accident. I offered it back to her and his brothers without charge but they said sell it and keep the money. Yea it needed some money and work put back into it but it always...
  10. Floridianson

    Might get lucky

    Man seems to like the price so got my fingers crossed as could be another one gone. Might be good-by Mr. SCAMP
  11. Floridianson

    Another one gone.

    Sorry Chris aka Gimpyrobb had to sell your truck. Good by Mr. IH Wrecker would have been nice to restore you but the times they are a changing.
  12. Floridianson

    IP linkage to fuel control assembly clip.

    Trying to help a member that might have lost the governor linkage to fuel control unit assembly clip. I hope he finds his but has anyone have one they could sell him or found the correct clip with where and part number. Tanks
  13. Floridianson

    Door glass

    If we can share the windshield glass with the Deuce / 809 series can we share the door glass? Tanks
  14. Floridianson

    Green Cove Springs

    Anybody want to do a buy, sell, trade thingy thread?
  15. Floridianson

    Rear axle change.

    The truck is a parade queen and at this time I keep her clean on hard roads so I do not need the front axle engaged. I would love to do both front and rear axles with better ratios but for now I would like to do just the rear. I got hold of member Steve and asked if he would build me a rear but...
  16. Floridianson

    Just a thought about oil.

    When I got mine it had 15/40 Diesel oil. Now Rotella T has close to 1220 ppm if I remember. Also I feel this is not best for use in the M37 and myself to heavy of an oil. I went with the Amsoil Z Rod 10w30 and it says it has 1400 ppm and it is synthetic. Just my .02
  17. Floridianson

    Bad boots tie rod

    I need new boots anyone ordered from them and which ones did you order and were they the correct fit?
  18. Floridianson

    Governor oil feed line

    Just throwing it out there. I did replace my Cat hard line with the aftermarket hydraulic hose and no problems so far. Thread is just to show that the fitting that threads into the block is adjustable. Would seem if you are changing or checking your hard line the alinement of both ends come into...
  19. Floridianson

    FMTV wiring schematic

    Has anyone been able to construct the whole down load or seen a complete one page schematic. I was never good at gig saw puzzles and my ADHD is not helping. I down loaded and printed then tried to assemble. I can get the main trunk ground line run out but the rest I am having trouble fitting...
  20. Floridianson

    Front axle two vent lines 1088

    OK I did look through some TM's I swear. I have two vent lines connected to the passenger side mid axle housing. I removed both and put some air to both. One I can hear the one and it seems to be right above the front axle just hard to see where it ends but is up in the frame. The other there is...
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