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  1. Wagoneer

    Florida 5 ton owners.

    I am just outside of Gainesville.
  2. Wagoneer

    TornagdGT's M931A2 "Miss Ava Lynn" Mods and Repairs

    This is my M931A2 conversion with a M35 drop side cut down to 10'. Left the spare tire and toolbox behind the cab
  3. Wagoneer

    T24 Weasel

    They were a french conversion to the problematic original style. These have links of roller chain embedded in the rubber. They are heaver than original but are pretty stout.
  4. Wagoneer

    T24 Weasel

    New project that needs to be brought back to its original Glory. Not sure where to make this post and it can be relocated but this is the closest relative here on SS. 1943 T24 Weasel, Got it running but it needs some parts to get it back complete. The main thing I need is an engine cowl with...
  5. Wagoneer

    Buy/Sell/Trade Mount Dora FL MV show 2019

    This is what I hope to be bringing if I can get it painted in time. It needs all kind of accessories and parts to bring it back to its glory. I also am in the market for a lower deck trailer to haul it with behind the 5 ton, it will not fit in my M105A2. Not looking forward to trying to load...
  6. Wagoneer

    Buy/Sell/Trade Mount Dora FL MV show 2019

    I have that same A/C kit, Which I paid a lot more for, modified into my M932A2 and it will make you turn it down after a 20 minute ride. Look me up at Mt. Dora and I will show you what worked best for my setup Still putting together my needs and what I can bring list which always works out very...
  7. Wagoneer

    2018 Florida Winter Rally(MOUNT DORA FL

    Just a few of the Tanks.
  8. Wagoneer

    2018 Florida Winter Rally(MOUNT DORA FL

    Has the 2018 Buy, Sell, Trade Thread been started yet?
  9. Wagoneer

    m931 hitch drop

    No, These are fine for what I was wanting. I am just trying to see all the finished ideas and combine for the best setup. Once I get it figured out I will make the drawings for others to copy if so desired.
  10. Wagoneer

    m931 hitch drop

    I hope He gets pictures of it , I never did...
  11. Wagoneer

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    We actually participated in winter this year with a full week of this including snow. Only problem is we have 20 ton Air Conditioners and 5 watt heaters, Good thing it will be back in the 70's Monday
  12. Wagoneer

    M931/32 2 inch receiver hitch

    Has anyone found a good solution for a civy hitch setup on the A2 tractors? I am to the point where I am going to need one and I like some of the ideas on here but it has been a while and wanted to know if anything better was out there now.
  13. Wagoneer

    New from Florida

    Welcome from across the St.Johns. PM me and you can come by and check out my 5 ton and Deuce to give you some hands on before you buy. Always great to meet another SS member. Jeremy
  14. Wagoneer

    AC Heater System Wiring Schematic

    This is what I needed a couple of weeks ago. What I need now it the cooling side of the wiring diagram if anyone has it. I believe the kit I have is the MTVR under dash unit
  15. Wagoneer

    Thanks James, aka, Floridianson

    There are two different comments that can be made about deals with James, Those who have had a positive experience in their dealing with him and those who have not dealt with him at all. He has always went above the normal to assist with items I needed and even called me from the GA. Rally...
  16. Wagoneer

    m931 hitch drop

    That would be great. I think I found a Class V off a wrecked super duty but they also had a 3"x3" receiver tube hitch off of a large flatbed Kodiak. Waiting to hear back from them. I would like to use one of those and just fab it to the truck.
  17. Wagoneer

    m931 hitch drop

    Are you happy with the finished product? Are there any changes you would like to make after installation and real world use?
  18. Wagoneer

    m931 hitch drop

    A 2" or 3" receiver is my next project on my M931A2 tractor after I get my A/C compressor bracket... I am looking at this setup as to be able to work around the tail lights.
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