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  1. Blueduce

    vehicle generator question.

    I am restoring a 1951 M43 and I have the generator up to a local shop for testing. The shop asked me to find out which pin goes to what on the generator to Regulator plug so he can bench test the unit. I have searched high and low and every schematic I found does show the 3 pin connection...
  2. Blueduce

    1942 MB my newest project. Jeep Guru needed.

    Hey fellas, My latest project is a 1942 MB found and brought home to Dallas last month from Austin. It's a bit rougher that the deuce I just finished but I couldn't pass it up for the price. In getting her home and starting the preliminary cleaning and pressure washing I have noticed a few...
  3. Blueduce

    My M35a2c "Finally done".

    Hey fellas, It has taken almost 3 years and a lot of sweat and busted knuckles but the Deuce project is finally complete? If you remember it was smurf blue when I bought her 3 years ago. Then I decided to do a quicky latex paint over. It didn't look bad but not exactly what I had in mind...
  4. Blueduce

    Dallas TX, Military Heritage Collection Museum and motorpool Veterans Day open house.

    If your looking for something for the entire family to do this Veterans Day weekend please come join us at the Military Heritage Collection Museum and motor pool. This Sunday November 10th from 10:00 till 17:00 the museum and motor pool will be open to the public and free of charge. You may...
  5. Blueduce

    1951 M43 Ambulance.My newest addition to the family

    Fellas, Sorry, I posted this thread without thinking. It was late last night and I just realized I put this thread under the incorrect Forum. Please excuse my tiredness and excitement. I thought you fellas might like to see the newest addition to my growing family of green. She is a 1951 M43...
  6. Blueduce

    New paint project

    As a lot of you fellas know when I bought my deuce it had been painted a nice Smurf blue. I then decided to try the house paint idea and used the Behar Premium exterior flat paint. I did very little to prep the surface besides a good pressure wash and de-greasing. It looked great for quite some...
  7. Blueduce

    TX- The Military Heritage museum open house and 1st annual MV rally

    The Military Heritage Collection and the FUBAR motor pool are proud to announce their first annual Memorial Day open house and MV rally. This event will be held on the museum grounds Sunday May 26th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The museums physical address is: 20798 County Road 590, Nevada, Texas...
  8. Blueduce

    2nd annual Dallas / Ft. Worth trail ride at Bridgeport OHV park

    It is time again for the 2nd bi-annual DFW trail ride at Bridgeport OHV park in Bridgeport, TX. We did this trail ride last October and it was a big success. We had six vehicles and ten people in attendance. The trail ride is a one day event. It will be held on Saturday February 23rd from 09:00...
  9. Blueduce

    Head gasket replacement tips and tricks.

    I will be replacing the front head gasket on my M35a2c multifuel this weekend. Don't worry, I'm not asking how to. I've read the TM for this particular undertaking and it seems rather straight forward. I already have the gaskets I need including valve cover, both head and exhaust manifold...
  10. Blueduce

    deuce swift water crossing stats.

    I have offered my assistance to the local FD. In case of any natural disasters, emergency's or zombie uprisings. The local Chief remembers the deuce well and it's firefighting abilities. He welcomed me and my deuce and will put us on the contact roster as FD "resources". One of the things...
  11. Blueduce

    unknown M35a2c bed brackets.

    I'm just churous to know what these brackets are for. I have looked in the TM's and searched the web for any mention and could not find anything. The first bar is on the front of the bed on both L/R sides. It has hanging from it two metal pieces that are the same as the ones on the metal...
  12. Blueduce

    Jerry can repairs

    Hey Fellas, I had a few questions about what options I have to fix a bad bottom seal on a metal Jerry can. The can is otherwise in good condition. When I bought it the can did hold fuel without leaks. I thought it would be a good idea to clean out all the old diesel varnish and crud from the...
  13. Blueduce

    trailer connect harness help

    When I bought my truck someone had cut the wiring harness away from the trailer connect. I have a replacement trailer adapter given to me by a friend. I need to know Is there any way to rewire the trucks harness into the trailer adapter. I would rather not replace the rear wiring harness in...
  14. Blueduce

    US6 found

    Hey fellas, I have an M35a2c but one of my dream MV's has always been a Studebaker US6. I finally found one while visiting a SS member at his hanger last weekend. I almost jumped out of his deuce at when I saw her. From what I can tell she id super clean for an old "Lend Lease" truck. I took a...
  15. Blueduce

    Radiator repairs.

    I Got back to Dallas from my 416 mile round trip to Austin last night. As truck was idling down in driveway I noticed some green fluid on the drivers side fender during my after PMCS. It looks as though the filler neck has separated from the radiator. After cleaning the area it's obvious that...
  16. Blueduce

    Mesquite, TX Memorial day air show.

    "Take to the skies" Airfest at Mesquite metro airport in Mesquite, TX. The Show runs Sat and Sun May 26-27th. Here is the link Take to the Skies! The MVCC out of Keller, TX will have a small static MV display at the air show. We have secured enough room for an additional six MV's. We would...
  17. Blueduce

    Dallas to Austin and back on the 19th

    Just a quick heads up. I am heading down to the South Austin Area from my house here in South Dallas on Saturday early morning 19 May 2012. I am driving Bluedeuce down to pick up some parts for her from a SS friend. If anyone at either end or along the route needs any free shipping that I can...
  18. Blueduce

    Waxahachie, TX car show.

    Well fellas, looks like we can score one for Bluedeuce and Steel Soldiers everywhere. I took Bluedeuce to a local car show this afternoon and she did quite well. There where about forty other entry's in the show and about ten of them where in my class. (Special interest vehicle) I didn't win...
  19. Blueduce

    purchasing advice on old radio.

    I found this old signal corps radio at an estate sale here in TX. I'm just wondering if anyone has any info or can offer any suggestions on the set. I dug around some and couldn't find much. It says Radio Receiver BC-358-L They where asking $200 for it but had no clue if it even worked. Is it...
  20. Blueduce

    bio-diesel site found.

    In my internet wondering for bio-diesel and distributors I found a cool new website. Biodiesel Stations | OVER 1500 BIODIESEL LOCATIONS IN THE US The site will search by state, city or zip to find distributors in your local area for the bio-diesel. The search gives distance from you...
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