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  1. Beyond Biodiesel

    Deuce fuel line fittings

    Hi folks, I want to install a manual fuel shutoff valve on the fuel line of my M357 a2, so either a 1/2" reverse flare ball valve, or adapters to plumb it into my fuel line without having to cut the fuel line and install something would be great.
  2. Beyond Biodiesel

    Problems running WVO on the multifuel engine

    I have been running WVO on a multifuel engine for 3 or 4 years now. Last year I went through 2 fuel pumps before I realized that the NOS fuel pump for the multifuel engine is made out of pot metal, which has a high percentage of zinc in it. It turns out zinc is highly active at precipitating...
  3. Beyond Biodiesel

    a failure mode for deuce injectors and IP

    This forum is big, so I am not sure if this has been discussed yet. But, I will just start this thread and hope it is a new topic. My M756a2 stopped firing 2.2 years ago, and I have been trying to track down its problem since. The first thing I did was replace all of the filters, which did...
  4. Beyond Biodiesel

    servicing deuce injectors

    I searched the archive for "servicing deuce injectors," but found no thread on the subject. Since I am in the middle of servicing my deuce injectors, and I have a few questions, then I thought I would start a thread on the subject, and hopefully someone will answer my questions, and/or I will...
  5. Beyond Biodiesel

    Elastomer compatibility fuel testing

    If you check the link below you will find a report of using standard sized o-rings for testing diesel fuel blends that contain various amounts of solvents. Particularly at the specific link you will find that ULSD, which is normal pump diesel fuel available in the USA at any gas station that...
  6. Beyond Biodiesel

    deuce injector leak

    I watched the videos on this thread and was surprised to find other deuces start right up in the cold better than mine does on a hot day. I typically have to crank it several times for long cracks to get it to start...
  7. Beyond Biodiesel

    Deuce Airlift d-ring Bumper Shackles

    OK, so today I learned that my M756A2 has 1" Airlift d-ring Bumper Shackles on the front, and 7/8" Airlift d-ring Bumper Shackles on the rear. Is this normal for a deuce, or an M756A2 thing? PS: I did search the forum first.
  8. Beyond Biodiesel

    M35A2 fuel cap

    A few days ago I filled the fuel tank on my M756A2 with my DIY diesel. Today I took it to the gas station to put in a few gallons of gasoline into the fuel tank to keep the vegetable oil liquid with snow coming. When I returned I noticed fuel dripping from the top of my fuel tank. After...
  9. Beyond Biodiesel

    Deuce Spare Tire mount

    I have an M756A2, which has a similar spare tire mount that I have and I would like to use, but it seems to be missing a few parts, so it would be useful for me to fab the parts if someone would post photos of it. I did search the archives but did not find what I was looking for. Here is what...
  10. Beyond Biodiesel

    M756A2 pipeline construction vehicle

    I just bought and drove home a 1968 M756A2 pipeline construction vehicle. It is missing a few parts in the rigging, which I am in search of, such as: the trunnion, turbo, sides, and tail gate. It has an extra winch on top, that I plan to remove and possibly use as trading materials
  11. Beyond Biodiesel

    How much is too much gasoline in a waste oil blend?

    Blending gasoline at 20% with WVO has worked pretty good for the last 6 years for my old 6.2L Detroit Diesel engine; however, going over 20% increased the likelihood of injector pump failure. So, I recently made up sample blends and put o-rings: Buna-N 70, Silicone 70, V75 Viton in them and...
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