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  1. SierraHotel

    Brake Fluid Flush

    Beyond which DOT number brake fluid you use, how often do you flush the brake system and renew it? I’ve looked to see if any of the TM’s have fluid replacement schedules for the brake fluid (DOT 3 or DOT 5) and have yet to find any. Nor is it discussed (that I can find with my admittedly...
  2. SierraHotel

    Fuel tank Drain Bolt

    Anyone know of a place to procure one for a M35A2...or barring that, the thread pitch/size and the bolt size so I can get one commercially? I'm usually pretty good at searching, but I have not A) found one in my internet searching, nor B) found my original that appears to have grown lil' legs...
  3. SierraHotel

    M35A2 Stalled, No Restart

    After sitting the winter, we were getting The Deuce ready for Memorial Day parades, etc. Removed the batteries, charged them and started it up. Went for a test drive and it stalled while coasting to a stop sign. Would not restart. Went home, got new primary and secondary filters, replaced...
  4. SierraHotel

    Convoy Light Covers

    Figured I’d throw this out for food for thought. Several years ago I bought a set of convoy lights for my Deuce, principally to warn the D.C. area speed demons that that rumbling hunk of steel going up a hill is not at the speed of sound like them, but they also are great for the parades...
  5. SierraHotel

    Schwitzer "whistler" turbo 3lj-319 question

    I'm looking at a NOS Schwitzer turbo that has some of the vanes thicker than the others. Knowing not a whole lot about turbos in general and the whistler in particular, I figured I'd see if I could enlist the help of some experts...or at least those of you that know far better than I. Is this...
  6. SierraHotel

    Cylinder Head Wrench

    What is the size (nut size) of a cylinder head wrench?
  7. SierraHotel

    M200A1 Air Reservoir Tank

    Does anyone have either A) an extra air reservoir tank that will fit for a M200A1 (preferably close to Northern Virginia…shipping will kill me) or B) the specification (size, dimensions, etc.) for the air reservoir tank or a M200A1. I got two M200A1’s from GL (mostly for the tires…which were...
  8. SierraHotel

    No Power/Surging Power/Stupidity

    Hopefully, someone can figure this one out, or knows what I am describing. About a month ago, I got some gas/used motor oil mix from my father-in-laws neighbor (yes, I know, big mistake). Started pouring it and it strangely looked like it had water in it, but was I assured it was just unleaded...
  9. SierraHotel

    Deuce Heater Replacement Fan?

    Is there a commercial match for the heater fan in the Deuce? I smelled burning insulation during the cool part of the Spring and have not gotten around to fixing it. Now that it is getting cold…
  10. SierraHotel

    M35A2 Alternator/Generator Needed

    The back bracket on my alternator used to be cracked. After a test run yesterday, the front and rear brackets are both history. Obviously I am now in need of a new…actually good used…alternator. Anyone got any extras they wish to part with inexpensively?
  11. SierraHotel

    Flasher Relay Questions

    Being that I am a lowly roofing consultant, and not an electrical engineer (and that I want to quit buying flasher units!), I’ve got some questions/clarifications for Bjorn’s relay modification. I’m sure his sketch is simple and straightforward for someone that has a clue, unfortunately it...
  12. SierraHotel

    Oli Pressure Gauge and sending unit

    My oil pressure pegs at 60 psi most times. It calms down when idling, but will go back to 60 when it’s on the road. Noting that some Deuces will run at, or above, 60 psi and be fine (or at least according to PS magazine), I purchased a 120 psi gauge. My question is do I have to switch my...
  13. SierraHotel

    Air Brake Light Switch Issue

    Coming home with the boss (read wife) behind me tonight, I locked them up for a yellow light (personally, I think it is a flash bulb). We’ve been wondering if the brake lights were working properly (part of the reason she was following me) and she said that they flashed three times, but did not...
  14. SierraHotel

    Front end sh-sh-sh-sh-aking!

    Sunday, I finally got the wife to drive my Deuce :D . Went out onto the Interstate and did 55 for about 20 miles and then took back roads back. Had no issues. Got back, let it sit for about 5 hours and then took the family and neighbor out for a spin. Felt a little vibration (almost like...
  15. SierraHotel

    STE/ICE Parts

    Anyone have any STE/ICE cables, adapters and/or parts they would be willing to part with for free, a reasonable fee or trade? I've got the STE/ICE unit, but I think I am short several cables and adapters...
  16. SierraHotel

    Deuces on GSA

    There’s some nice Deuces and 5 tons (and not so nice ones) on the GSA site. Forestry in Michigan looks like they are unloading. There some other stuff on the left coast, including a 5 ton with a crane on the back…
  17. SierraHotel

    Clutch thickness check...

    What is the thickness of the clutch pads on a five tabbed Deuce clutch when new? I have a take out one that has, at most, a 1/8 inch of pad past the rivets. I saw several at Aberdeen that were for sale for what I consider stupid prices (over $50.00) that looked the same. What is the thickness...
  18. SierraHotel

    The life of a Deuce...

    What is the typical…or expected…lifespan of a Deuce multi-fuel engine?
  19. SierraHotel

    Used Engine Oil

    I don’t want to hijack the current centrifuge thread, but I have a question for all of the Waste Engine Oil purists and not-so-purists. Do you HAVE to filter it? The first time, it wouldn’t go through a coffee filter…at least not anytime soon. I’ve read that some go to extreme lengths to...
  20. SierraHotel

    Clutches, Pressure Plates, Confusion

    In perusing some of the different suppliers online, they do not all seem to agree with what each part number looks like. I looks as if RNJ Murray and Saturn buy from the same place and that Old Iron and American Military buy from the same place. However, that is where the two diverge… Can I...
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