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  1. scorpion6

    2017 Armed forces day Del city

    As usual Armed forces day to be celebrated on may 13th Saturday 2017 in Del City Oklahoma. Calling all trucks, As we have done in the past, we will meet you in the parking lot of Next Level Ministries, 4132 E Reno Ave, Del City, OK at 8:00 AM on Saturday, May 13, 2017.
  2. scorpion6

    proper bumperette markings

    So here is my delima. My deuce came from ft. Hood 2nd reserves 340th chem. Co. Who are under the 454th chem. Battalion, under the 290th regeonal command, who is under the 3??th signal corp. So how do you translate that into bumper material? Anyone?
  3. scorpion6

    Deuce hydrolocked?

    Ever run out to the deuce to start her up and upon doing the hydrolock test ( we should all be doing pre start up) you get the dreaded bump start. Well it happened to me this morning! So I started the process of clearing it. 1st remove lines, 2nd remove keepers, 3rd remove injectors, 4th attempt...
  4. scorpion6

    My recovered m35a2

    Well I took a long trip today to pick up and drive home my new big boy toy a 1970 M35a2 kaiser jeep. She's big loud and ugly just like me. I would just like to say thank you to one special person for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me with the fine details that made my new...
  5. scorpion6

    Gamma goat sm420 tranny

    anyone know what the cross over for the sm420 clutch plate and pressure plate would be in the gamma goat? There are no plates or pressure plate for a goat and if you ask a tranny guy they only ask whats a goat and proceed to tell you what would fit on a GM sm420 muncie tranny. So I was thinking...
  6. scorpion6

    Detroit diesel injectors size and application

    I have at my disposal 6 rebuilt S 90 Detroit injectors I need 3 N 45-50 injectors for my 3 53 Detroit . Any one ? I know the 353 likes the N series in 40-50 range, but what does an S...
  7. scorpion6

    wiring schematic for a gamma goat?

    Does anyone out there have a schematic for the goat? I have checked all my manuals and the internet with no luck. Its not that I am having problems, but need to have one for a few corrections to the current mangled harness.
  8. scorpion6

    gamma goat parts cross reference

    Has any one thought to put together a cross reference of parts for the goat? Parts like the clutch and pressure plate, radiators, trannies, brakes, etc. I mean finding the actual parts is getting pretty hard to do. In my case I need a clutch and pressure plate. Going to the parts store is...
  9. scorpion6

    3 53 detroit rods bent and broken?

    Purchased 2 - 3 53 detroits for my goat. 1 has been rebuilt. The other appears to be a low miles motor lacking a few parts. The rebuilt motor would not turn over all the way. I opened her up and found that 6 of the 9 push rod poppits had been bent or broken. all valve related rods not the...
  10. scorpion6

    3-53 goat power plant where are they?

    Finding goats is one thing, but has any one out there tried to find the power plants whole and unmolested? I have searched every where including army depots and industrial engine shops with no luck. It seems that all the 4x4 diesel heads have gobbled them all up to put in their Chevy and fords...
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