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  1. Heavysteven

    What did you replace your radiator hoses with?

    You can get high temperature silicone radiator hose off That’s what I use. Not sure about the cloth wrapping.
  2. Heavysteven

    Parking brake-- Do I need it?

    Honestly you only really need the parking brake for short parking durations. If you leave it applied for a long length of time it will freeze.
  3. Heavysteven

    Deuce towing capability

    That would be great for a parade. I think traffic slamming the brakes and flying around you is going to be your biggest fear factor. I would invest in a rotate yellow or red light. I think they sell battery operate magnetic ones with a remote. Be Safe
  4. Heavysteven

    Changing the Air Compressor belt
  5. Heavysteven

    Proper battery cable installation

    Maybe this will answer your question.
  6. Heavysteven

    GA MVPA Fall Rally: September 28-29, 2012

    Any word for 2013?
  7. Heavysteven

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Broke down on 140 near Canton last night on the way to fureworks. Smoke in the cab and fuel all over the engine. Flame heater pump cracked. Had to cut the supply line and plug it. Made it to the there and back no problems. Glad it did not catch on fire though.
  8. Heavysteven

    M923 with roll cage and tall hardtop

    Maybe A3 model. My guess is this was a finial version to address safety concerns with the M939 series.
  9. Heavysteven

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Wow, looks great.
  10. Heavysteven

    My M35A2 Project aka Big Betty

    I use a torque wrench and follow the Tm. I know others can do it by feel but I can't. So far I have had no problems(hot hubs). Looks like your making great progress...nice tires.
  11. Heavysteven

    MY Airpack Rebuild with Photos!

    Just finished mine, had what looked like mud in the cylinder. Took 4 hours but I could do it in 30 minutes now. Stopping power the same though. No thumping in the pedal or brake fluid out the vent. Glad I did the repair.
  12. Heavysteven

    Deuce Brake Issue

    Good advice above
  13. Heavysteven

    How about a sticky for Noob questions?

    I never had a hard time finding things. YouTube has a lot of info as well on the deuce.
  14. Heavysteven

    I imploded my winch.

    That's sucks. There is a video on YouTube going over the controls. I know the guy who made it.
  15. Heavysteven

    Deuce cranks but no start - ITP source?

    There some videos on YouTube if you need to know what it should look like.
  16. Heavysteven

    What is this part? (Air System under dash)

    I use soft set #5 pipe dope on my connections.
  17. Heavysteven

    Broke Down in Billings Montana - Need to find a shop that can replace wheel cylinders

    I would also clean the axle breathers. How did they bleed the brakes? Power bleeder...did they get the air pack.. Did they use new seals? Did they use new lockrings on the hubs or bend the tabs multiply time?
  18. Heavysteven

    how to remove rear drum?

    What happened to RTFM?
  19. Heavysteven

    Broke Down in Billings Montana - Need to find a shop that can replace wheel cylinders

    Watch those guys sounds like they pulled the hubs. Remember there is a piece of cork that goes in the rears. Make sure and clean your axle breathers. If they pulled the hubs did they check the oil level in the axle. Well hope you get it fixed. That's a lot of money.
  20. Heavysteven

    Broke Down in Billings Montana - Need to find a shop that can replace wheel cylinders

    Did you check the oil canisters? You guys are making me nervous I have a lot of vapor from my draft tube. No oil though I figured it was from long idles and lack of use.
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