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  1. goatijoe

    Looking for parts interchange list

    Does any one have a list of the parts that you can go to Napa,Carquest or orlies auto parts I had one at one time can’t find it and I’ve tryed to search on here with no luck on finding it
  2. goatijoe

    weird oil pressure or may be normal

    I have noticed that when your are at cruising speed the oil pressure is over 120 and I have changed the oil filter to see if that was the problem. it idles at normal pressure per tm I have recently changed the sending unit and it is the correct one being I have the 120 gage
  3. goatijoe

    Detroit 6v91 smoking

    I have a buddy that is trying to straighten out a wheeled apc that has theDetroit 6v91. the yahoo's at another shop that somehow changed the transmission in it and had the heads off the motor and who knows what else has been tinked with for some reason. so the the police department took it...
  4. goatijoe

    Golf cart ramps

    Has any one made or know what I will need in length to build a set or ramps to load into the back of my m35a2? I don't know how long to make them or what boards I will need to make them work safely. The truck os still at stock height Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Thomas
  5. goatijoe

    Dip stick numbers

    Has any one ever figured out what the dipstick is calabrated in is it Qt. or gal. or is it a precentage of what is spose to be in the crankcase. I have looked but cant find anything on what the numbers mean on it. I allways just add till it says full but it would be nice to know what it means so...
  6. goatijoe

    wiper blade trouble hitting on just one side

    The wiper blades on the truck was missing from the driver side so i just swapped the passenger to the drivers and got around to putting new arms and blades on it. They are both the same and the passenger side works great it stays on the glass but the driver side over laps at the bottom by over...
  7. goatijoe

    Busted fuel line need imput on what to fix with

    The main fuel line from the tank started spaying right there at the frame where it goes thou.aua What is the best thing to fix the line with. does any one know what the fuel pressure is in that line?
  8. goatijoe

    Thanking our vets at the dirt track

    For the fourth of July at the dirt track we did a thing for the vets to thank for the service that they did for our country. We took the vets on a ride around the track for a few laps while they shot fireworks. I never have saw the fans clap and cheer like they did when we all where riding on...
  9. goatijoe

    electric wiper transmission arms

    The knob that holds the driver side arm on the ball socket keeps falling off but the one for the passenger side can't from its in behind that one. Does any one know of a easy fix instead of buying the whole arm? any one rig one or know of one that you can get from a parts house?
  10. goatijoe

    FDC bolts

    Can some one tell me what size the bolts are on the back of the fdc where the brace bolts up too? There are 2 on there and both have become MIA somehow?
  11. goatijoe

    Cheep easy portable pump i made

    I have made a easy pump set up for wmo or atf. Here all i used for it was a air powered pump from harbor freight $80, 2 goldnrod filter housings from northern tool $40 apiece, 1 golden rod mesh strainer $18, 2 3/4in. x1.5 in. pipe $3 apiece, 1 3/4in. x male hosepipe thread $4, 1 50ft. hose...
  12. goatijoe

    water comes thou windshield frame

    Ok i was driving along in the rain and i kept seeing water coming in and started looking and found that the water was coming thou the frame around the glass and back around. I found this by bubbles at the frame and glass as i rode down the road. I don't want to take the easy way out by just...
  13. goatijoe

    12volt lights on 24 volt

    OK i have a idea i don't know if it will work or not. If you take two 12 volt lights wire them in a series and use the last light in the ground with the first one as power. i know ill have to get lights that don't ground out at the base it has to have the two wires on it. Wouldn't it pull a...
  14. goatijoe

    Hard top Vs. soft top

    I have a hard top on the truck now but I wanna know is there any difference in the tops as far as sound, heat and water tightness. It quieter with the top off or even if i have the windshields open with the windows down. The top seams like its hotter inside than out with every thing open...
  15. goatijoe

    rod on hood driver side

    Can any one tell me what the rod with the hooped end on the drivers side is for. It is located on the top right behind the hood latches and in front of the windshield. I have yet to figure out what purpose it has there.
  16. goatijoe

    12 volt post on deuce generator

    Ok i saw a video from another post and they where talking about the generator had a seprate post that put out 12-14 volts. Have any of yall used this post for power. If it will put out enough power for a CB or a way to plug up GPS inside the cab instead of using a power converter. Just wondering...
  17. goatijoe

    Front grill twist out and hood latch comes loose

    The front grill on the truck on the right side always twist outwards and the hood latch comes off. i have checked every bolt and tightened it with a impact. none of the grill, bars, or hood is bent. When i check all of the bolts after it does it they are not loose. I don't know what else to do...
  18. goatijoe

    brake bleeding

    I replaced the master cylinder today and went about bleeding the brakes like always had worked farthest away to closest. Now i don't have a good pedal now. Is there a wrong way and a right way to do this? and another question i have where does the vent tube on the top tie in to on that line...
  19. goatijoe

    spray paint for the rims

    any of of yall know what is a real close to or dead on color for the tan that the govenment paint is. im trying to repaint a rim i got from jim henrys. or is there a better color to go with that will match up better. just let me know id like to know where to buy it or would i be better buying...
  20. goatijoe

    looking to get a mule

    i would like to get a mule but i dont know how much is to much for one i dont wanna over pay or get a hunk of junk. is there any tell tell signs to look for when looking for them to find out if they are worthy or not. i know they are geting harder to get but i wanna get one before they are gone...
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