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  1. colesmotorsports

    Door art on a wrecker

    Found cool art that was paint over. Barely seen it coming through, so took a scotchbrite and rubbed some of the paint off .
  2. colesmotorsports

    M925 with all accessories

    Got the m925 home , motor is supposed to be bad but it looks good radiator is missing. Both tool boxes had paddle lock on them . Cut them off and all the goodies in them. I never get that stuff , it's cool!!
  3. colesmotorsports

    Would you pull 5 ton with this setup??

    Pulled 3 m936 150 mile one way each trip.
  4. colesmotorsports

    M936 wreck cab shell with SF97

    Bought 2 more m936 wreckers that need some some TLC. One the cab is smashed , is great they had door open at the time . Rest of the truck is great shape low miles. I'll gladly pay shipping to North Dakota
  5. colesmotorsports

    Hemtt M978 throttle pedal

    The go pedal in the Hemtt is crazy uncomfortable when ankle don't bend good anymore. Any ideas on modifying ??? It's air operated to the motor thought about putting hand operated one on , any ideas????
  6. colesmotorsports

    M931A1 MWO Applied????

    What do all these number mean and find out what was done,6 tags not sure if picture is clear enough to read , if not will post more.
  7. colesmotorsports

    Hemtt m978 filters numbers

    Hello I've got to service and change all filters, does anyone happen to know the numbers? Did a search but not alot on the Hemtt. was a fuel tanker truck and i pulled all that off and in the process of building a flatbed now for it. Thank You!!
  8. colesmotorsports

    M936 wrecker boom leaking down

    I have about ran out of things to replace . Truck is in great shape other then the boom will not hold its own weight. Bought the truck 2 year ago knowing that thinking easy fix. Well not really. Bought new old valve control in wooden crate, installed whole complete valve control,not fun but...
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