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  1. Jimma

    Under dash air hose

    I was driving one of my deuces today and got a surprise when a rubber air hose under the dash blew off. It was so loud and instantly happened while driving I could not immediately diagnose it. Got home on limited brakes and found a hose under the dash had popped off of the front of a valve on...
  2. Jimma

    Car Show / Military Vehicles Wanted - Royston, GA

    There is a car show and rally to benefit needy children this Saturday Sept. 22nd in Royston, GA just off the town square. The promoter said he would love to have military vehicles show up. There will be food, live music and cars, antique tractors and trucks. It starts around noon. Royston...
  3. Jimma

    Need Steering Column Diagram

    We are replacing the horn and some wiring in the steering column on the 63 m-37 and need a diagram or exploded view of the steering column. We installed the new horn button and assembly and it works intermittently. We are assuming a wiring issue in the column. Does anyone know where I can get...
  4. Jimma

    Need a wiring diagram for 1963 m-37

    We have replaced many electrical items on the 1963 m-37 including batteries, voltage regulator, generator, turn signal control box, turn signal switch etc. Everything else now works but the turn signals dont seem to be working even with the new parts. I had a wiring diagram but it must be from...
  5. Jimma

    M37 Brake Question

    We have been working on our 1963 M-37 and doing brake work. Having almost no driving time on the vehicle prior to brake work I am not sure how hard the brake peddle should be. We have been bleeding and re bleeding the brakes. Can anyone tell me just what to expect as to peddle firmness?
  6. Jimma

    2011 GA MVPA Rally Info

    GEORGIA MVPA SOUTHEASTERN FALL RALLY 2011 at THE SOUTHERN MUSEUM OF LOCOMOTIVE HISTORY Home of the Civil War Locomotive, “The General” Downtown Kennesaw, GA (2829 Cherokee Street, Kennesaw, GA 30144) Friday September 30 – Saturday October 1
  7. Jimma

    Source for 1963 M37 Generator

    I need to locate a 24 volt generator for my M37 and need a good source that has them and hopefully I can afford. Any help would be aprreciated.
  8. Jimma

    M-37 Turn Signal Switch

    Does the turnsignal switch on a M-37 interchange with a M35A2 Turn signal switch?
  9. Jimma

    M37 - Generator Belt

    Can someone provide me with a current part number and supplier for a generator belt to fit a 1963 Dodge M37?
  10. Jimma

    Our New M-37

    We traveled about 160 miles each way to Villa Rica, Georgia yesterday to purchase this 1963 M-37. Not a bad truck, bed is great, floor boards are good and no rust in the battery box. Some rust in the windshield frame on the lower inside corners that is fixable. I do neet to buy or fabricate a...
  11. Jimma

    Rear Axle Bearings

    I need to replace my rear axle bearings in my deuce. I have been checking prices today and they are all over place. Does anyone know of a supplier that sells them reasonably? I am going to replace the inner and outers on my bobbed duece.
  12. Jimma

    CDC Warns about Zombies...

    The CDC is warning about zombies. Check out this link on foxnews. We have been prepared all along now they are encouraging it. CDC Warns Public to Prepare for 'Zombie Apocalypse' -
  13. Jimma

    Brittsh Aircraft Carrier up for Auction

    The Brittish Carrier Ark Royal is up for auction. I hope posting this does not violate SS rules about auctions but it was on fox news today. Here is the link to the article. It would be cool to own a modern carrier. A little out of my budget though. Rule the High Seas With Your Very Own...
  14. Jimma

    Blue Ridge GA 4th of July Parade 2011

    Once again Blue Ridge, GA will be hosting a 4th of July Parade in Downtown Blue Ridge. It will be Saturday July 2, 2011. This was a great parade last year and the MV's were the hit of the parade. There was a huge crowd and we had three Deuce's in the parade. I encourage you to bring your...
  15. Jimma

    Blairsville, GA Memorial Day Parade

    Blairsville will be hosting another Memorial Day Parade this year. Last year it was a great parade with many floats, trucks, bands, military groups and the town went all out. It was impressive. This year one of the organizers is a retired Army General and he asked if we possibly bring our...
  16. Jimma

    Need help- Box Seat Removal

    I am switching out my box seat for a spring seat on my deuce. The only problem is I cannot get a wrench on the four bolts on the inside corners that secure the seat box to ther floor. I cannot get a standard opened eneded wrench on them with much success or a socket because they are so close...
  17. Jimma

    Pickens SC Azalea Festival and Military Display

    The weekend of April 16th, 2011 there will be the annual Azalea Festival in Pickens, SC and there will be a military vehicle display put on by the Military History Club of the Carolinas. The club website is I am thinking about going. If you have information post something here. If...
  18. Jimma

    Just Bobbed the Deuce

    Thanks to the skilled hands and sharp mind of BlythewoodJoe in Blythewood, SC I got the truck bobbed. I drove to Joe's last Saturday - a mere 150 mile drive (each way) and he was waiting and ready to start the job. He went right to work and got everything stripped down, axles removed, new...
  19. Jimma

    Uwharrie NC Rally 2011

    Is anyone going to the rally at Uwharrie, NC? I was told its April 22-23 but have no other details. Please provide information. Thanks
  20. Jimma

    Convoy light

    I am looking for a convoy light set up for my truck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for a reasonably priced setup or components?
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