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  1. simp5782

    Our MTVR camper:

    You sure? Trucks can flex. Would contemplate air bags with torque rods on the bed over direct mounting You take that thing anywhere northeast of PA and its going to be shaken into matchsticks from the roads
  2. simp5782

    Our MTVR camper:

    M All states west of the Missississippi are 14' with the exception of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Iowa are the only 13'6" states. Louisiana and Missouri allow 14' on 4 lane highways. Nebraska and Colorado allows 14ft 6"
  3. simp5782

    Our MTVR camper: or swap to trucklites
  4. simp5782

    Our MTVR camper:

    The original design of the vehicle requires a CDL in your state is what could be argued. I have read the Oregon motorhome registration guide. I don't think the shipping container on the iso locks is going to cut it as reconstructed/permanently altered since it could be removed. Compared to...
  5. simp5782

    Our MTVR camper:

    It is in your best interest to obtain a CDL, you have a wait time on getting the truck so study up. It will be 4 to 12 weeks. Probably longer since this is your first time. They hand them out at walmart now so anyone can pass the test. Then just rent a truck for the driving portion. Or use...
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