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  1. BKubu

    Our MTVR camper:

    Great job. I enjoy reading about your progress. Thanks for posting all of the updates! Will the front door seals be able to resist blowing rain at 55-65 MPH? It looks like it could be a potential water trap. I guess they are designed for serious storms so you should be fine. You may want to...
  2. BKubu

    Our MTVR camper:

    Sure, the initial owner can sell a vehicle that came out on an EUC. Yes, only the original buyer goes through the EUC process, BUT all subsequent owners are bound by the agreement. For example, the EUC states something about not being able to export the property (unless the person has the...
  3. BKubu

    Our MTVR camper:

    Perhaps, I have misinterpreted the latter part of what you said, but the EUC still applies to all parties down the line who may own the truck. It is incumbent on the original seller to pass along the requirements of the EUC to subsequent owners.
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