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  1. Dipstick

    Standard Bolt & Nut Torque Specifications

    I posted this in another thread to answer a question if there are specific values that bolts are supposed to torqued too. The answer is yes, because what you are really doing from an engineering/physics standpoint is stretching the thread a predetermined amount. Not so important on various...
  2. Dipstick

    Easy way to remove front axle inner oil seal.

    Chris at Memphis Trucks taught me a really easy way to remove the front axle inner oil seals for replacement. I would like to share it with my fellow soldiers. This is done after removing the front brake assemblies, bearing spindles and axles. You simply take a 10' long piece of 1/2" steel pipe...
  3. Dipstick

    Front Axle Engagement

    I drove my bobber to work tonight and it is snowing. I had my Ouverson hubs in the locked position while in 2wd. Can I engage my front axle via the air shift transfer case lever while my truck is rolling/moving? I've read the operator's manual. I've read a few TMs and done a bunch of Googling...
  4. Dipstick

    Battery/Starter Problem

    Last week my son and I installed two new 6TL batteries in my truck. Yesterday, I installed three new fan belts. I decided to drive my bobber to Home Depot. Then something odd happened when I climbed in the truck to drive back home. When I turned on the master switch the engine started without my...
  5. Dipstick

    Brake Lines

    I just got finished fixing a nagging air leak at my right side glad hand. I cut out the kinked spaghetti/pretzel plumbing the guys who bobbed my Deuce left behind. I hole drilled a frame brace (one inch hole saw) and used 3/8" soft copper with a spring bender and compression fittings. A simple J...
  6. Dipstick

    M35a2 Cab Heater Core

    I have a leaking heater core on my Deuce. I want to replace it or the entire heater unit in the engine compartment. I've been searching all of the websites I normally buy parts from and have come up empty. Does anyone know where I can get a new heater core or the entire heater assembly? Thanks...
  7. Dipstick

    Headlights blow

    I installed one of those wiring converters from Erik's that makes the front marker lights come on with the headlights. When I switched to "service drive" it worked just as it should in the parking lot. The headlights and park/marker lights were both on. I decided to run a few errands, so I fired...
  8. Dipstick

    Bobbed '84 AMGeneral

    Hello all, I thought I'd include a few pictures of my Deuce. So far, I've done some brake and electrical work on it. It has a Whistler turbo and hydraulic power steering. It's a drop side too. The tires are Firestone T831s and they are 11R-20 43" diameter. I wanted to keep it looking like a...
  9. Dipstick

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Well, my rear brake tubing was connected directly from the frame to the rear axle brake tee without a hose. I cut the line, double flared it and installed the proper hose. Then I bled the brakes and went for a test drive. It seemed to work well, but I discovered an air leak at a fitting for the...
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