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  1. AZK9

    m1078 conversion to brush fire truck

    Beautiful!! [thumbzup]
  2. AZK9

    New to forum w/ M108

    Welcome from a bit on up the road in the Central Highlands! [thumbzup] Nice pics! Nice vehicle! Have fun with it!! :grin:
  3. AZK9

    Timber Rattlesnake on Air Cleaner

    That's crazy! We've got Diamondback rattlers out this way, but I've never encountered one on my property. I've seen a few soaking up the sun on the roads at times, but nothing serious, or close by. I know they're out there, but so far... no close calls! Your situation seems dangerous. Continue...
  4. AZK9

    Is there many AZ folks here?

    Welcome to AZ! [thumbzup] Did you drive the deuce, or trailer it when you made the move?
  5. AZK9

    Newly purchased an M35A2 - trailer/towbar? Houston Area

    :ditto: It's always nice to get a new MV home safely! Congratulations and... have fun!! [thumbzup]
  6. AZK9

    MV of the month February RUN OFF

    Both are beautiful machines! Well done! [thumbzup]
  7. AZK9

    New Member from Missouri

    Welcome from Arizona! [thumbzup]
  8. AZK9

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I know the feeling. It's hard to have such an awesome machine parked at a distance. Living in AZ, but wishing... and dreaming of all the things that need doing on the deuce while it's still in South Jersey... well... sometimes the reality seems more like a frustrating nightmare. I dream deuce...
  9. AZK9

    New Forum Member - Ex-MOD Land Rover Defender 110 Tithonus

    Welcome from Arizona and the Jersey Cape! [thumbzup] Nice pics of your MV! Thanks! I'm in South Jersey trying to continue working on my M35A2. Stormy weather and nasty mosquitoes have made progress difficult and slow. Hope to be able to get more done if I can return in the fall. Only have...
  10. AZK9

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I've been back on the east coast trying to continue working on our deuce. While hooking up the batteries I made an inspection of the cables and connections and discovered serious damage. Seems to have been a hungry rodent. After searching for other signs of wire damage (and finding none) I made...
  11. AZK9

    New guy from KY

    Welcome from Arizona! Have fun with your deuce! It looks to be in great shape! [thumbzup]
  12. AZK9

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Seeing that NJ plate makes me want to get back to the Garden State to finish working on my deuce! Not looking forward to doing battle with the mosquitoes and humidity though. I'm hoping that this will be a somewhat dry, bug-free summer in NJ. Makes working outside more enjoyable...
  13. AZK9

    Winch and Bumper Project

    I fully hope to be able to make two trips back east between now and November. I've got a lot to accomplish, but motivation like the Alaska adventure is giving me even greater focus to get my deuce X-Country capable... sooner rather than later. [thumbzup] I hate to have to leave the 'near...
  14. AZK9

    My new deuce build "FIONA"

    Very nice work!! [thumbzup]
  15. AZK9

    Winch and Bumper Project

    Nice work! [thumbzup] I really enjoy making specialized components for my deuce. Can't wait to get back (for a time) to South Jersey so I can drag the tools out and get to it again!
  16. AZK9

    What's an M35A2 worth these days?

    Enjoy the experience! Good luck... and post some photos when you get a chance! [thumbzup]
  17. AZK9

    Going to look at a '68 M35A2: What to look for/ to be prepared to fix, Newbie edition

    I think that you ought to seriously factor in the cost of snow-chains for any deuce you plan to drive during an Alaskan cold season. From my own experience... a deuce won't handle real well (on roads with snow and ice) without the proper chains installed. Just a thought. Good luck with your...
  18. AZK9

    My new deuce build "FIONA"

    Beautiful work! Can't wait to see it all completed! [thumbzup]
  19. AZK9

    Headed to Floriduh!

    LOL!!! rofl
  20. AZK9

    Headed to Floriduh!

    Sheeeesh... I was imagining you flying down the road in your MV! Ah well.... safe travels no matter how you get there and back! [thumbzup]
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