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  1. Gamble

    What is the difference in the driving experience between the A2 trucks and the REV trucks?

    Can someone describe the difference in the driving experience between the A2 trucks vs the REV trucks? Handling, acceleration, braking, etc. I've heard the REV trucks run at higher RPMs in routine driving than the A2 trucks but I'm not certain. Do the REV trucks feel not as quick as people...
  2. Gamble

    Gamble finally finished his truck! A 2 year labor of love. Thank you Everyone!

    Hello all, I finally finished all of the big work I wanted to get done on my truck. I just finished the carpet today. As we all know the work is never quite complete but this is a massive milestone for me and I want to thank everyone on the board that has helped me get to this point. I want to...
  3. Gamble

    What is the function of this component inside the TOW missile trucks

    What is the function of this? Would it stabilize the missile to be handed to the gunner above?
  4. Gamble

    Replacing the HMMWV Seats

    Has anyone done a seat replacement on their truck? It would be nice to get a head rest Or head neck support in the event of getting rear ended. Obviously, there isn't a lot of seat room In the cabin, so I'm looking for a seat with a base cushion no wider than 23 inches or so. Thinking about...
  5. Gamble

    Sound Deadening & Heat Reduction - DynaPad

    Has anyone ever used DynaPad for sound deadening and/or heat Reduction? Dynapad is the heavier material without an adhesive side. It can be used like padding under carpet if need be. Curious to see if anyone has used it.
  6. Gamble

    Installing the H1 Rocker Panel Protection on Hmmwv

    Anyone familiar with the installation of the H1 Rocker Panels on the Hmmwv?
  7. Gamble

    ECV vs REV Series Trucks

    What are some real world benefits of the REV over the ECV? I understand it has the upgrade to the cooling stack (geared fan) and the cooled differentials but I'm not sure how meaningful the geared fan is over the ECV version or the cooled differentials. Both models have the willwood brakes and...
  8. Gamble

    Rhino Tire Carrier - Washer Specs

    Hello All, I was able to finally locate a rhino tire carrier. However, the company that makes them no longer sells the repair kit and the documentation isn't specific enough regarding the pivot pin retainer washer specs. The retainer washer can be seen in the adjoining pics. Does anyone per...
  9. Gamble

    Has anyone priced paint recently? Prices are insane

    I am in the process of painting my truck and I was shocked at the price of materials for paint. For decent, solvent based paint (Valspar) 2 Gallons of paint, primer, clear coat, reducer, hardener, etc. price points are coming in over 2k just for materials. We are in a different world today.
  10. Gamble

    How many HMMWVs are still in the pipeline to be auctioned?

    Does anyone have an idea just how many more Hmmwvs will be headed to auction? I saw a post earlier this week that the Marines are running out of Hmmwvs that are available to be sent for auction. I have no idea if this is true but I am curious as to how many more Hmmwvs will be auctioned off.
  11. Gamble

    Price of a full frag 6 armor kit

    Does anyone know of anyone with a full frag 6 armor kit for the 11 series hmmwvs and or what a decent price point is for it? Thanks
  12. Gamble

    What is the highest mileage hmmwv anyone has encountered

    What is the highest mileage hmmwv anyone has encountered? I'm curious as to the life expectancy of the hmmwv with the 4 speed 4l80e with the 6.5 NA engine specifically.
  13. Gamble

    Is the m1114 the 'red haired step child' of the hmmwv family?

    Why does it seem as though the m1114 is the odd ball of the hmmwv family. I've tried researching this model and it doesn't appear different from the performance specs of the 1151, 1165, 1167 etc. But the body is somewhat different from all models. It's like it tried to bridge the gap from the a2...
  14. Gamble

    Does having a Turret add more value to the HMMWV? Turret owners... Could you live without it?

    I have FINALLY located a turret support. However, the price is so high, that I am forced to ask..... Is the juice worth the squeeze. I have an m1045A2. My favorite HMMWV and I am still giddy like a kid when I see my truck. :) I am aware of the issues with a turret leaking and believe I can...
  15. Gamble

    Tunnel by emergency brake gets hot to the touch

    Hello All, Just wanted to pose a question to the group. Took the truck out for the first time on an extended ride. About 40 miles one way on the freeway. The tunnel next to the emergency brake base got really warm (including the emergency brake), dare I say hot. Is this normal?
  16. Gamble

    Roofs removed from the 11XX Slant Backs(?)

    Hello All, I suppose the roofs being removed from the 11XX Slant Backs is because of some new classification that they are armor and thus must now be demiled? Does anyone have the scoop? At first I thought this was the state of California saying you cant sell an armored vehicle in our state...
  17. Gamble

    Engine oil cooler lines resting on exhaust manifold

    Does anyone else have this strange issue? The [engine] oil cooling line(s) rests on one of the exhaust pipes coming off the engine. The line was being melted through by the heat of the exhaust pipe. I wrapped it in heat resistant material but I thought this was insane. Has anyone else looked...
  18. Gamble

    IbisTek Tire Retainer (Carrier)

    Does anyone know if the IbisTek tire retainer will accommodate an after market wheel provided the bore size is similar? Are there any limitations with this tire carrier working with a larger tire size (40 in)?
  19. Gamble

    Starter bolt backed out and fried the starter

    So.... Long story short. Took the truck out for its first long highway run followed by some off road fun. Heard a clunk then a grinding sound. Pulled into a parking area and turned the truck off. While the truck was off a horrible screeching sound came from what I believed was the starter...
  20. Gamble

    Pin hole leak in the transmission oil cooler Hello All, So right when I finished swapping batteries and installing a new front passenger seat. Started the truck, truck started up well. I did, however, spring a leak. A leak in my transmission oil cooler, see pics above. My question is can I...
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