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  1. winfred

    New Orleans Air Show March 19-20 MINI SS La Rally

    as pm'd ill be there in the deuce, baring unforeseen fubar
  2. winfred

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    hat, ring, some throwing
  3. winfred

    Wood strip bed isolater

    anybody put in taller spacers and bolts to get back clearance from 395s? 6" taller tires would suggest 3" taller bed to get back to normal spacing, maybe slide in some 4x4s instead of the stock spacers, i don't know if ill ever need the articulation but i know when maxed out, ndts get pretty...
  4. winfred

    Question about MRAP wheels to super single....

    for related infos sake on the subject, my main rims are steel but got a non ctis aluminum spare for the odd 75# less weight, didn't flip my hubs so i got a adapter plate beveled on both sides so it'll work on front or rear. my findings if anybody goes the same way, the stubby air valve can get...
  5. winfred

    Civvy wiper upgrade (arms and blades) - need ideas

    i don't have a pic but im running the rear wiper blades off like a late 2000s suburban, drilled out one of the cross rivets where the plastic goes for the J hook and installed a bolt pinching the blade body almost down to the hole the cotter pin was attaching the original blades to the arms...
  6. winfred

    Resurrecting Oily Brake Shoes

    ive seen the linings online for not too bad, thinking about scoring a set for the oiled ones i took off the front of my truck
  7. winfred

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    waved my magic wand at it and made half a tube of grease disappear, then verified visually nothing obvious was falling off or loose, then was surprised at only one out of 6 tires was low from 11 months ago when i last topped them up for the trip to swap the 109 box for a drop side, i think that...
  8. winfred

    Hard top dents and warping

    mine was caved in to the point a bottle jack and 2x4 was needed to just pop it close to flat
  9. winfred

    MTVR RECOVERY from Yermo cali to Georgia

    it is normal for some metal bits on the magnet, ya gotta be able to read them, the small difference in temp at the rear diff could be it's just the last thing to receive airflow under the truck, shiney lube scares me a little though
  10. winfred

    MTVR RECOVERY from Yermo cali to Georgia

    i can't really see the particles on the magnet well enough in the video but if they are flakey im gonna guess you are loosing a bearing race, the surface is damaged and is coming up and being rolled flat by the bearing rollers, the rest of the bearings may or not survive ingesting the metal as...
  11. winfred

    Deuce Transmission Removal Crossbar

    i always modify my engine hoists with a winch or come a long for either a tilting device or extra grab point (this is version 3.0 and would be perfect if the folding hoist wasn't such a floppy POS, the legs will be welded solid when i don't need it to be easily stowed) but it also makes it a...
  12. winfred

    Adding Detroit Lockers???

    google search arb rd145
  13. winfred

    Deuce starting problem and solution (in this case anyway)

    grease = oxygen barrier to keep corrosion at bay, it doesn't do anything for conductivity
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