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  1. joeblack5

    Removal of loader procedure

    Howdy folks, Some advise and help requested. I want to remove the loader from the front so that I can tilt the cab and et to the the transmission. Made a fixture that fits in the rectangular tube attachment under the loader. Loosened the two bolts on the bottom. I searched for a procedure in...
  2. joeblack5

    unimog 404 gauges

    Anybody has a broken speedometer and/ or other broken gauges for the 404 laying on the shelf collecting dust? Thank you, johan
  3. joeblack5

    FLU419 frame wanted

    A couple of weeks i saw a FLU419 frame for sale in the Pennsylvania area and now I can not find it back.. Maybe its sold? Anybody remember? Thank you Johan
  4. joeblack5

    404 pivot mounts on frame and radio box ??

    Hi folks, I am looking for some help. Looking for pics how and where Mercedes located the the pivot point of the radio box. I found this picture on the web. It looks like that the cross member rests on top of a normal bed support? Are these the battery cable I see on the right in the...
  5. joeblack5

    Two new toys unimog 404

    So I was in need of a truck that can get me thru some swampy area. Found one but the PO had two for sale . so well... Two it was. They came from California and sat in the desert for 15+years. Sofar I have removed the sparkplugs and dumped a couple of teaspoons mystery marvel oil in each...
  6. joeblack5

    FLU419 repair 4*4 locker switch

    Evening folks... My FLU419 came with a stuck 4*4 /locker switch... Pulled the knob of and put some oil on top but it was to no avail. So I removed the switch and tapped the roll pin out.. There was a lot of gunk in the mechanism and I took the whole thing apart. You can see in the detail...
  7. joeblack5

    Cooling vest Med-Eng Air warrior

    I was in need of low energy consumption body cooling. Found this Med Eng Air warrior vest on fleabay. about $ 30 Used in all kind of hot military equipment A complete 24 Volt cooling unit is very expensive but small water chillers or ice boxes with pump are cheap. The main issue was the quick...
  8. joeblack5

    FLU 419 low power

    The times I took Mogli out on the road it felt that it was kind of low on power going uphill. While i took the diagnostic harness out I noticed this...... The exhaust is pretty flat. Looks like a couple of forklift forks were in the wrong place. Not sure why there is no flex pipe somewhere in...
  9. joeblack5

    FLU419 Mogli's frivolous use of gov equipment.

    For our solar collector house heating I needed a storage tank. Our local raw milk farmer was getting rid of his 1000 gallon tank. It has foam insulation . Was not sure if Mogli was up to the task....a little rough being by myself but the third cord kept it balanced.
  10. joeblack5

    FLU 419 Access panel to 4x4, lock, intermediate cylinders.

    My 4x4 and lock up and intermediate gear selector is not working. Cab tilting was not in my future so i took a look at the panel under the gear selector. In my Flu419 I can drop that panel with 4 screws in each corner.. remove the black rubber. unscrew the hydraulic knob and main power...
  11. joeblack5

    FLU419 Mogli's second job

    I attery kind of got carried away with out first success and decided is was time to try the forest. I bought a bunch of heavy duty antenna mast sections to build a bridge over the creek at our camp. These section are 22ft long galvanized and weigh, my guess 700-900 lbs. My junkyard friend...
  12. joeblack5

    flu419 clutch pedal pressure HELP

    our flu419 seems to change gears well without grinding but the clutch pedal is pretty heavy. After I parked from its first job today and got back in our cherokee I thought that I had lost the clutch in the cherokee . So can anybody share an opinion how much force it needs to depress the clutch...
  13. joeblack5

    FLU419 Mogli's first job

    happy Independence Day, 9 years ago i bought a military Hyster electric forklift on ebay. There were some electric issues with it but $600 and $ 800 shipping from texas to PA was a good deal. The new stickers was still on it and it was a lot more then what i paid for it. :-) Not sure what is...
  14. joeblack5

    Mercedes Gelande GD240 W460 1986 Danish Army

    evening folks, Last year we bought a 1986 Mercedes GD240 W460 chassis through fleab . It was original from the Danish Army. We have several mercedes diesels w123/ w124 and this GD240 has the 4 cylinder na OM616 engine and a 4 speed manual. It is a fun machine to drive, slow especially on road...
  15. joeblack5

    FLU419 mystery rubber hose

    When I worked on the alternator I wound a rubber hose that goes from the top of the power steering reservoir and converts in a plastic ( nylon) line that goes to the housing of the engine hour counter. The rubber ends were in a bad shape so it did not fit together and I will replace it but what...
  16. joeblack5

    FLU 419 alternator bracket broken.

    Copied this post from the test forum to start new thread. FLU 419 alternator bracket broken. Today i worked on getting the alternator to charge. Figured that the polarity relay was the culprit. Kind of a pain...
  17. joeblack5

    FLU 419 alternator bracket broken.

    Today i worked on getting the alternator to charge. Figured that the polarity relay was the culprit. Kind of a pain to work around EMP / EMI filters behind the alternator. That was only taking of , putting it back on is going to be more complicated. Then i found that the alternator bracket was...
  18. joeblack5

    Mercedes Wolf , FLU 419

    Hello new member here, living in State College,PA. Spend a day reading, mostly about the FLU 419 , Thank you for all the great information about the FLU419 / SEE. Could not find a much about the Mercedes Wolf. How many members here in the USA have one?? Ours is a GD240 from the Danish Army. I...
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