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  1. tm america

    M35a2 additional alternator

    The 12 volt alt uses a 55 inch long 1/2 inch belt ..So the numbers on the belt will be 4l550 or l455.the 12 volt alt brackets work with either a 10si,12si,or 130cs alt....The 24 volt kit uses stock belts
  2. tm america

    2014 Haspin parts/trade/sell/buy thread.

    I will have some hitch kits and alt brackets.. show special price of 47 bucks..
  3. tm america

    2014 haspin info thread, June 11-15th

    I will take 3 total... Two xl green One large green
  4. tm america

    2014 haspin info thread, June 11-15th

    Did someone say shirts?how much for two one large one xl?
  5. tm america

    2014 haspin info thread, June 11-15th

    I will be there probably gonna head down tuesday..I should have some things for sale to.. can't wait to see everyone again
  6. tm america

    Ways to make a deuce quieter and warmer in the cab.

    On my truck i cut floor mats from a rubber bed liner.I plugged the holes in the back of the cab .Also put some boots on the shifters where they come thru the floor..I used roof vent flashing which worked nicely.. Since the factory boots are hard to find..These helped keep things warm. I also...
  7. tm america

    A/C in the Deuce using TM Americas alternator mounts

    Nice to see it going to good use.. i am actually working on a setup for the deuce that will give you dual alts and ac.. i am gonna keep the 24 volt alt where i have it now put the ac where the 12 volt was and move the 12 volt alt to the driverside of the engine mounted off the cover for the...
  8. tm america

    2013 Fall Haspin Rally Parts For Sale/Trade/Barter

    Eagle i will take a deuce trans ,clutch,and flywheel..also a starter and air know if you got some laying around
  9. tm america

    M35a2 A/C system

    Looks like a f series truck was the donor?I have been working on a ac kit for the m35 ..just working out a few small details package will come in around 1200 bucks..and this is all new parts with heat as well..just gotta do a redesign on my 12volt alt kit..I'm gonna move the 12volt alt...
  10. tm america

    2013 Haspin fall rally

    Sounds like a game plan to me.. i am pretty sure i will be there..
  11. tm america

    M35A2 clutch brake and gas pedal mods

    First question is what seat is in your truck?if it is a spring seat you could mak improvements in a couple ways.. first you could switch to a box seat which gives you a few more inches or you could go to an a3 seat which helps out.. I would imagine if you switched out the seat you would be alot...
  12. tm america

    M931/32 2 inch receiver hitch

    i got the design all worked out just need a few more measurements..Which i should be getting in the very near future.. It is gonna mount in a very similar way as my m35 rear hitch ..i should have then in production in the next week or so
  13. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    I am also making a really slick front mount hitch for the deuce with a winch .. I'm still working on my non winch design but should have something shortly..I have been living in the garage working on my military truck parts.. i have like 5 or 6 new products ready to go into production..Just was...
  14. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    Ok perfect looks like my idea will work beautifully..Thanks alot .. once i get the first couple made i will give you a little kick back for helping out..
  15. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    I do have one more question?if you were to lay a flat edge on the surface where the main bracket bolts to the engine would it clear the two bolts that are to the top of the main bracket mounting bolts?Reason being i have been wanting to make a 12 volt kit for these as well and i think i have it...
  16. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    Thatsthats exactly what I need to make go ahead and ship it out
  17. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    I sell my 24 volt 27si kit for the a2 for 61.00 with shipping ..My kit uses the stock belts and is a dirrect bolt on for it..I am gonna make the a3 kit the same way some it is a dirrect bolt on and it will use the stock belt
  18. tm america

    M923 with roll cage and tall hardtop

    I think this was custom built for shaq when he decided to be a cop they thought he said he was going into the armed forces?
  19. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    Sure will buddy .. Did you get that crappy situation taken care of when you got home?
  20. tm america

    Up in Smoke - Not the movie, my alternator

    Awsome..There are two things that would help .If you could scribe where the alt normally sits on the main bracket and take a pic of where the main bracket would mount on the engine..i was looking at an a3 at haspin and have a pretty good idea of how i will build it..Since it doesnt have to pivot...
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