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    HMMWV Speedometer Cable Routing

    Can someone be kind and take some good photo's of the speedometer routing for the m998 (unmolested and where it should be), the joker that had the one I bought, had a habit of not putting things back together (lost count of how many missing bolts). Some pics from where it goes from the firewal...
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    Heater vents

    Right in the middle, is those two sliders to shut off air flow to the driver/passenger, in that metal channel. One of the sliders is stuck, (thinking paint got in there), is it possible to get at those sliders easily , i have yet to figure out how to remove the metal duct to get at them? thanks all
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    NJ Humvee insurance

    try progressive, that's what I use, even got a discount for a "anti-theft" device (cable and padlock). $200 ish every six months for a m1009 and the m998 both 1986 models
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    What does this sensor do

    thanks all, i couldnt figure out why it would need a sensor for the engine speed..the diag deal makes sense thanks again everyone
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    What does this sensor do

    I just bought a 1986 hmmwv, completely stock. Im slowly learning about the vehicle, but one item has me wondering, on the back of the engine right by the bellhousing where the vac pump would be on a cucv, there is a sensor of some kind. Can someone tell me what it does?
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    Vaccum pump for 6.2l

    yes, unbolt the pod, and it will bolt right up to the stalk from the 6.2's those actually work better than the stock ones, since they pump on both strokes, not one as the stock ones do the output nipple is also angled to the side a bit, which helps clear the air cleaner better also, all in...
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    4 Way mounting idea

    Cool, someone else had the same idea also...hey chevy..hint hint :) would have been a great factory thing to do
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    Floor jack storage

    Another idea someone may find useful, behind the spare tire, was a lot of wasted space, made a little "shelf" that bolted to the larger bolts holding down the tire carrier, one on the wheel tub and one on the floor. The jack is a 1.5 ton floor jack, small but enough to use to change a tire. it...
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    4 Way mounting idea

    This worked out very well, I took your standard 4 way, welded on a "stop" bar and a old shock metal busing to the 4 way. Got a long bolt and a coupler, makes the perfect place to store your tire iron, to remove, just unscrew it, the pressure against the tire keeps it from turning, with a...
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    Glow plug wiring melt down

    Here is a photo of the setup
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    Glow plug wiring melt down

    Since Ive had my m1009, it has had a mystery wire going from the glow plug relay to the passenger back plug. Never thought much about it, one day decided to find the original wire, and put it back in use... Pulled the harness off the passenger side..and the green glow plug wires for the entire...
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    Speedometer ratio adapter help

    When I got my m1009, it had 31" tires on it, and the typical 1.3 ratio adapter, the speedometer was pretty much right on, I changed over to 33" tires, and replaced the ratio adapter with a 1.5 unit, again the speedometer was dead on. Now this is the weird part, the speedometer took a dump...
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    Weird electrical issue

    Something I ran into yesterday, that is to say is very weird. I have a 1986 M1009, it has been converted to 12v system. Installed a USB charger port, and a aux cig lighter port. We went on a 120+ mile road trip to pick up some fenders, and since it was in the mid 90's in central Illinois, it was...
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    Vaccum pump for 6.2l

    gm part #14022649 just have whatever auto parts store get that gasket, or their equiv
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    Vaccum pump for 6.2l

    nope, the 350 gasket is not the same one I got mine at advance auto, took a little bit of searching, but they can order the correct gasket it's bigger than the 350 gasket
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    M1009 Speedometer Insanity

    Hello all, when I bought my m1009, it had 31" tires, and the speedometer was reasonably accurate. Now that it has 33's on it, the speedo is off of course.. Can anyone shed some light on what speedometer gear combo's the driven and drive gears need to be to get the speedo back to being...
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    Vaccum pump for 6.2l

    simple solution to finding a vac pump for the cucv's friends 84 m1009 pump went south, after some research (looking at the neighbors ford), we found out the ford cordone # 90-1024 will fit perfectly. the # 90-1024 is a pulley drive unit, however the vac module, is nearly identical to the chevy...
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