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  1. Potluckslammy

    CAT 3116 Inj. Rack Tool Set to Loan?

    Reading up on adjusting the valves. Lots of info also relating to adjusting the rack. Noticed at least two forum members mention having the tool set. Wondering if anyone with the set would consider loaning it out? Postage paid both ways, of course!
  2. Potluckslammy

    M35A3 underhood insulation rivets - size?

    Anybody know the dimensions for this little gem? All the black coating has cracked and blow off the insulation blanket, which I would like to take off and recoat. And there is rust-through beginning to show on the split steel hood, which will need repair. I have the part number for the rivet...
  3. Potluckslammy

    My solution for replacing coolant hoses

    Flushed the coolant system on my first A3 last year. Looked like muddy river water coming out! Hoses needed replacing, but I balked at the prices for new rubber. Gave me pause to consider options! Shopping around on the interwebs I discovered silicone hoses could be had for less, and should...
  4. Potluckslammy

    Importance of regular fuel filter maintenance

    Have owned my A3 for a few years now, and another for about two. Changed the fuel filter twice due to crap in the tank plugging it up, and bogging the engine. This time, what I figured was the remnants of algae, etc., after having flushed it and topped of with clean fuel, was even worse...
  5. Potluckslammy

    Fuel tank "ticking" sound

    A3, "ticking" sound coming from tank when running. Don't think my other one makes the same noise. Would say it's the fuel pump, but I don't yet understand how the fuel system works. I know the injectors are the in-tank pump and aux lift pump arrangement I'm familiar with don't...
  6. Potluckslammy

    Short Airpack Redux

    This is going to be a short write-up about my experience with the short style airpack. First, I want to thank silverstate55 for the already excellent "Teardown & Repair" thread! I, too, looked high and low for some kind of instructions, or at least a parts diagram, to help me with this...
  7. Potluckslammy

    AR One year with Condon Skelly

    Renewal is coming up next month after one year coverage on my M35A3. Came from a rural Fire Department in state, already had on-road title...very convenient for me! Took me quite a bit of time to find an insurer. Of course none of the common auto insurers wanted to touch it. And after...
  8. Potluckslammy

    How many M35A3's left in GL inventory?

    Let me apologize right off the bat if I'm rehashing something that's been beat to death. I can't imagine someone hasn't asked already, but I tried the search function, and Goog isn't any help. Missed last weeks round...there were trucks all over the place...I could kick myself for not paying...
  9. Potluckslammy

    Anyone headed to Chambersburg, PA for the 7/28 GL auction?

    Hello to all. This is my first post, so I hope I get it right. Anyone from TX, OK, AR, LA headed to PA for the GL auction at the end of the month? If so, and you plan on being there a day or two early, I would like to hitch a ride so I can peruse the equipment up for bid. I would certainly...
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