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  1. Chief_919

    New Member From Iowa with an 80's USAF Dodge

    Trucks like that were considered “non-tactical” and were used for all kinds of things on a base. Some were assigned to specific units for specific tasks, some were assigned to base operated pools where they were checked out as needed anywhere for a few hours to a few months at a time. You would...
  2. Chief_919

    M74 TM Manuals

    Start here with the Sherman manuals, for the technical parts these will cover much of it.
  3. Chief_919

    Spare 6.2L engine question

    Honestly there is a lot of misunderstanding of what causes bottom end failures on these engines. They are not as bad as the reputation. Almost all 6.2 bottom end failures I have seen can be traced to two factors- bad harmonic balancers and people running them at or near redline. If your...
  4. Chief_919

    M927 as a Food Truck? Looking for advice

    CDL requirements will vary by state, but in most states as long as you are just driving he truck straight and not towing you should be OK with a Class B CDL. If you start towing a trailer then you start getting into Class A territory.
  5. Chief_919

    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    Please, please have your warehosue folks work in a way that is friendly to shippers. GL made things as hard as possible for any companies to do pickup. Intentionally, because they wanted everyone to use their internal shipping that they made money on. Now, if your internal system is priced...
  6. Chief_919

    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    Product is going to be generated for them all over, so they have to transport it to wherever they choose. I am sure most of the decision will be based along the lines of where a facility of suitable size can be located and if there is a good access to interstates. But if they are smart they...
  7. Chief_919

    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    When is the change effective? As someone who deals in a lots of the stuff you now are going to be contracted for I will tell you that you will see much higher bid prices if you keep warehouses more regional. Shipping has to be factored and I’ll bid more for items that are closer, especially...
  8. Chief_919

    Starter help needed

    get that one from Valdese?
  9. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Just loaded up a bunch of- Coveralls of various types, mechanics, tankers coveralls, flight suits. I blowing these out at $10, buy more than one and Ill go cheaper. Great for working on your trucks. Boots- brand new US issue black jungle boots, mostly 7-9.5, brand new but they were stored in a...
  10. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Me, Iwill have a bunch of the Patrol bags for $20.
  11. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Looking for a HMMWV 3.08 differential. Used or new. Ok with a damaged case as long as the internals are good.
  12. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    A few more things- I found a good supplier for old style canvas tool bags. Commercial, but a good copy since the originals are not made anymore. Has the right heavy duty brass zipper $14 each EOD MK23 MOD 1 tool kit- used by EOD teams to inject grease or other materials into ordnance to...
  13. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Things have gotten me way behind here at the shop, so I am behind posting most of whats available. Several posts coming today... I have- Real nice 1950's wood ammo crates for bazooka rockets. These are killer boxes, all with 50's dates and the old style manila rope handles. $20 each, great for...
  14. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    Ok last minute odds and ends I have: M35 3 color camo cargo cover, looks to just have Storage wear $375 Set of cargo cover bows for an M35, wood and metal corners $100 Rare tan cargo cover for a 5 ton cargo with end curtains $300
  15. Chief_919

    move to north carolina

    I live in Waynesville- and of course my shop is in Clyde. let me know if I can do anything to help with your move! Welcome to the neighborhood!
  16. Chief_919

    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally buy-sell-trade thread

    I have a real nice M762 trailer, the flatbed version of the M416 that was rated as a 3/4 ton trailer and has the second raised lunette mount for towing behind an M37 or similar. Solid, all original. Has what appears to be a bullet hole in the right fender. $675 or $775 with good used 7:00x16...
  17. Chief_919

    Ultimate well nut repair

    If other sources dry up it looks like Amazon has a fitting minus the o-ring at $13 for a two pack. And you can get a whole assortment of viton o-rings for around $15 and have them for teh fix and lots of spares on hand for other stuff.
  18. Chief_919

    found a 1959 Curtis-Wright

    Funny timing. I just found a carb rebuild kit that I didn't know what it was and when I checked the stock number its for a REO gas M35 series truck. Funny part is its a 1989 dated manufacture- I am surprised the DoD was still buying gas REO parts then.
  19. Chief_919

    Issues with SF-97

    Sorry you took my response to you in the other thread and viewed it like this. The advice you were giving was contrary to what is legal in the state of NC, and had people followed it they would be unknowingly committing a crime. I don't expect you or anyone to be familiar with the laws in all...
  20. Chief_919


    I like keyed battery disconnects that are hidden. One like this one put in the lead for the starter and out of sight will confound a crook more than a full disconnect because if the dash comes alive when they turn the switch but the starter doesn't work they won't be sure its a hidden...
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