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    M109 rebirth into M48A2

    It's been a while since I have posted thanks to COVID and a PCS keeping us busy through all of 20 and now 21. I have started looking at a tractor type truck for some projects I want and possible side business when I retire. I found a M275A2 roller close and it got me wondering what would be...

    M109 restoration

    It's been a few months since I bought the M109 from a fellow SS member (thanks Mac!). I got the truck for a price I couldn't pass up even though I hadn't planned on a 2nd truck yet. The truck was a solid runner but was a little worse for wear and the box had a few holes. I'm fairly proficient...

    M51 Questions

    SS, I recently found what looks like an M51 (or A1/A2, cannot tell from photos I got). Is there any way to tell other than fender mounted air cleaner and stack exhaust if this truck is a gasser or diesel from photos? Also what are the re-power options, what will bolt up to the transmission...

    New Purchase...M816!

    Gents, I have been searching for a long time on a Wrecker to help with logging/building a home on our property in Tennessee. I finally pulled the trigger on a 1976 AM general M816 I found only a few hours from our place:D. I have had my Deuce for almost 3 years but have never owned a wrecker...

    M35A2 Garwood 10k Winch issue

    Gents, Have not posted on here very much but have lurked for a while. I recently moved to Ohio with the help of Clinto and have now acquired a winch for my Deuce. I got it pretty cheap so I expected to do some repairs however I am having an issue getting the winch engaged. I have checked...
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