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  1. camoyj7

    MTVR Belt

    Anyone have the belt number for an MTVR? Thanks
  2. camoyj7

    Mtvr Height

    Anyone know the height of the roof of the MK23 Mtvr? The t.m. says 141" operation height but that's with stack and air intake.
  3. camoyj7

    Need Hmmwv moved.

    Need a Hmmwv moved from South Boston VA 24592 to Zion IL 60099. Anyone interested shoot me a quote.
  4. camoyj7

    Vacuum pump fix

    This was my vacuum pump fix. Most of the parts store discontinued selling the vacuum pump for the Cucv's. I found NOS ones for around $150-180 + shipping but didn't want to buy one with a 30 year old rubber diaphragm. I searched vacuum pumps for all other makes and found this one. It's for...
  5. camoyj7

    Serp belt drive

    I saw this on gov planet a few months ago and was wondering if anyone has put a Hmmwv 200 amp alt with serp belt drive.
  6. camoyj7

    Lifting a M1031

    Spent the day swapping in a Dana 70 dually rear axle and a 4" lift. Still need to add the 14 bolt SRW rear hubs to the rear Dana 70 and add the dually hubs to the front Dana 60. I also need to install the crossover steering, steering box brace, braided brake lines and rear disc brakes.
  7. camoyj7

    Yermo CA pick up needed Western Elegante Utility Cart

    Looking for a price to pick up a Western Elegante Utility Cart from Yermo CA to 60097 IL. Thanks
  8. camoyj7

    Putting my M998 back to a M1025

    Last winter I bought a 2010 VSE rebuilt Hmmwv to make a nice driver. I was just planning to do a 4 door soft top with x-doors but that's when everything went wrong. I decided that I had to have a turret. Almost everything else I've had in the last few years has had one (M931a2, M923a2) so why...
  9. camoyj7

    m915 tire tread

    Post pictures of the the tires you're running on your M915's. I plan on hauling oversea containers with mine and wanted ti see what the tallest I could use. I would like a little more road speed out of my m915a1 without being over 13'6" with trailer.
  10. camoyj7

    Project M37a4

    I'm calling it a M37a4. It going to be a 61 M37B1 made into a four door, full size bed, with a 3.9 Cummins 4bt, 5spd, Dana 60 axles, four wheel disc brakes, hmmwv 24 bolt wheels w/37" Goodyears. All late model military stuff led lighting, seats, hmmwv gun turret, ect.
  11. camoyj7

    2014 Iola WI Military show.

    Who is all going to the 2014 Iola Wi military show Aug 9-11?
  12. camoyj7

    Gun mount question

    I have the swiss cheese mount that needs the large socket (first picture). I guess I needed the one in the second picture. Does any one know if they make a short adapter to mount the UPA without using the tall socket adapter? Or do I need to find a different mount?
  13. camoyj7

    LWS gun shield question

    I've been looking for information on the LWs gun shield and I found this picture with measurements on it. Before I make one I was wondering if anyone who has one could let me know if they are correct. Thanks for any help.
  14. camoyj7

    LWS question

    I have an extra plate with my LWS. I've looked at every picture I could find of the Hmmwv and M939 LWS turrets and have never seen this piece. Does anyone know if it's just a K bar cover? Extra support?
  15. camoyj7

    2013 Iola, WI , 22nd Iola Vintage Military & Gun Show Aug 10 - Aug 11 2013

    Who's going to Iola this year. I'm planning on going Thursday night and staying till Sunday.
  16. camoyj7

    My M146/future camper build.

    This one of the M146 trailers I won. This one I went and picked up on Friday from Kalamazoo Mi. Made it without any real problems other than the brakes don't work well. The other one I'll have to grab out of Indy in a few weeks. Once I get them both here I 'll figure what one i'm going to build.
  17. camoyj7

    Need m920 moved from Kalamazoo Mi to Mchenry IL

    Going to need a m920 moved from Kalamazoo Mi to Mchenry IL if we can't get it running. Anyone know of anyone who can tow or haul something this big for a reasonable price? Thanks.
  18. camoyj7

    Semi trailer pick up out of Alanta GA?

    Just seeing if anyone would be able to pull a semi trailer off the base in Alanta GA and how much? Thanks Chuck
  19. camoyj7

    Thanks to JBL

    Thanks again to Jeff (JBL) for his help recovering my non running M931a2! Call/Text Jeff at 262-227-2967. Jeff would be more than willing to inspect, pick-up, drive, fix, etc any item bought at the Fort McCoy Government Liquidation Autions.
  20. camoyj7


    Well I won a towed on lot M931a2 right after Christmas. Thanks to Jeff Laumer who got it running and pulled it off the base for me it made the 200 mile drive without any problems. I would highly recommend him for any preview needs or removal from sparta. 262-227-2967...
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