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    Deuce automatic backup lights

    Has the thread that contains the plans for an automatic backup light switch been removed i could not find it in the search (not my friend ), but did find a thread that linked back to it. This link did not work. If it has been removed does anyone still have the plans and how to. If it still...

    what all is needed when replacing engine rear main seal

    I have read several post on replacing the rear main seal in a M35A2, but none of them said before you start you should get these parts and have this ready. Can some of you that have done this before give a list of parts (part numbers) and tools that you should have on hand when starting? If...

    broke bottom bolt on radiator

    The lower radiator hose rotted out and needed to be changed. So logically the easiest way is to pull the radiator. (I needed to do some things that the radiator being out would make it easier) As I tried to remove the radiator I got one of the bolts started but it turned hard, so I tried the...

    Still no power

    I am still having power issues in 4th and 5th. I had a bunch of rust in my tank, the in tank pump failed, and the filters plugged up and a result. I have taken care of all of these issues, but I still can not get over 1800 rpm in 4th or 5th. The egt's went down with the filter change. I took...

    In Tank Pump not lifting fuel out of tank

    I have been having trouble with my feul system lately. A week or so ago General Granite sputtered a died, I was able to limp home and died as I pulled into the driveway. I was able to start back up and let it cool down. I had to work the next day so I was going to wait tell I got off work to...

    Central Nebraska meeting

    General Granite is still not running, but it is still a good holiday weekend. After all there is finally a SS member right here in Grand Island, Ne. and I was fortunate enough to have Diecorpse and his wife and son stop over for a few minutes (in this part of the country SS members are a...

    timing adjustment after turbo instal

    I finally got around to adjusting the timing on General Granite. Last year I added a turbo to the General, but I did not adjust to the turbo timing setting until today. I read the manuals and what ever thread that I thought might have information that would help. It looked simple enough...

    minor brake adjustsment

    The weather is finally getting warmer here in Nebraska, and it is time to do some needed maintenance on General Granite. I have not driven it much lately do to very soft brakes. I have never adjusted the brakes and I think that would be a good place start. I have bleed the brakes several time...

    rear facing T case pto

    As you know General Granite was a fire truck. So they left the t case pto on it. What all can you do with a rear facing pto? If I find a use that I just have to have for it, where would I get an engagement lever for it. I assume the one that was on it is still on the fire box. If I decide that...

    No longer stuck in river by grand island nebraska

    Well i have read many post like this. But it has happend to me. I promise to get pictures now that it is light. Worked on it for six hours before we had to get so sleep. We were just getting it stuck worse. Is there anyone in this area that might be able to lend a hand?

    kia km 250 korean m35a2 parts

    Since kia is making a version of the m35a2, can you get parts from a kia dealer?

    exhaust temp

    I put a Pyro in about 1.5 inches above the turbo housing before I went hunting last weekend. I have never been around a pyro before, so what I encountered confussed me a little. I added the turbo, but have not changed the timming yet ( I have not found the information to do it yet). It was...

    adjusting the timming after adding turbo

    Can someone post pictures of what all has to be done to change the timming after adding a turbo to a non-turbo? Thanks

    General Granite gets a turbo

    I have instaled a C turbo in General Granite. I am installing a pyro but it is not here yet. I have not changed the timing yet, but some threads say to leave it wear it is. So if I have it change the timing could someone post some pictures of how to do this. And if I should leave the timing...

    start issues after turbo install

    I installed a C turbo on General Granite this week and now the button wont start it. I can start it by jumping the starter. All the conections seem tight. What could the problem be.

    How many coolent heater hose locations

    I have a personal heater that is in the cab. This deuce was a fire truck before it was bobbed. The way that the hoses are routed is different then anything that I have found from the searches. First hose is in the port that is on the top of the water pump, I will put this in the bottom one...

    Why do so deuces start in the cold and so don't

    I just want to know why so M35a2 start in the cold and some do not. From reading several threads some people realy fight there truck in the cold. I seam to have been lucky mine starts right up in the cold. It has started down to -6 deg F. I would like to get a second one some day and this...

    unity spot light

    What is the proper unity spot light to use on the deuces.

    coolent heater blowing cold air

    My coolent heater is blowing cold air. It is in the cab and the engine is getting up to normal tempeture. What do I need to check to fix this problem. Or would it be better to just get an electric heater?

    wiring help

    I installed a second alternator on my bobbed deuce. I am going to wire it to a switch, but I have never wired a vehicle from scratch. The pictures that I found here cut the white wire. So if I have this right I take the white wire and go to the switch, then it goes to the fuse box, then to a...
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